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  • TnJ2013 - These products have greatly improved my skin!

    I love ROC products! They have helped to improve the overall appearance of my skin including the moisture, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and they balanced out my skin tone. I am happy I switched to using their products and would certainly recommend them for others looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin!

  • 0101 - I've never owned a messenger bag before and I'm glad this was the first own

    I had no idea what to look for when shopping for a messenger bag. I've always used a backpack and after 12 years my Columbia backpack was starting to fall apart. I knew that I needed a bag that would last me just as long and something that would allow me to organize my things better than just dumping them into a main pouch. Also, me reason for switching to a messenger bag is that I'll be commuting by subway a lot for my new job and the bag will offer more security for my things, like a laptop, and allow me to fit better into crowded trains. I

  • MDShopper - Great product!!

    I love this product and it's the best spot treatment I've tried! I use it when I have a pimple and I put it on maybe twice a day and it's either gone or there's a significant difference. The only problem that I have is that it dries out before its gone and I end up having to throw it away and buy more and this stuff isn't cheap. Otherwise, great product just don't try and use when it begins to dry because it's not effective.

  • Marty B. - Don't waste time OR money on this junk!

    OK, I've now had this system for about 3 months. It has actually worked about half that time. It will randomly stop responding to any input. It is currently down, saying "Keypad out of range" on the keyboard. The keyboard is 4 FEET from the freaking base station. I've had to call in and have this piece of junk reset twice since I've had it. I'm sick of having to call customer service for something that should just work. Maybe I'm asking too much. When it does work, I sometimes have to enter my code 2 or 3 times for it to finally accept it, and sometimes it won't accept it at all, and the alarm siren goes off, and I have to get the keychain remote to turn it off. I end up going to work half the time without my $250 system even working because it won't accept my code that day. Then I come home and it takes it. What a frustrating piece of junk! It hasn't worked in about a week now. All batteries have been changed, keypad is 4 feet from the base station, yet the keypad STILL says "Keypad out of range" as well as some random sensor number that is not even part of my system saying it's not working. I wish I could find something good to say about this thing, but it's just not ready for prime time. If you think your time is valuable, and you want an alarm that actually WORKS as an alarm, i strongly advise you to get a real system. This one could possibly drive you to drinking. And no, I don't work for another alarm system (and to call this unit an alarm system is truly a stretch). Just check my other reviews and you'll see I'm a real consumer that gives honest reviews. So buyer beware on this one!

  • Mecha Becca - I love unicorns and the unicorn emoji is in my top ...

    I. Am. OBSESSED this this!!! I love unicorns and the unicorn emoji is in my top 3 used emojis. I'm also a summer type of gal, so this pool float was an OBVIOUS but for me. It is made of thick plastic so I'm not super concerned with holes and I know how to patch it in case that does happen. The colors are bright and the design is super cute. I want to buy like 6 more!