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  • Demi - Forget the hate

    So many reviewers fail to listen to her lyrics that tell a story this is the most personal and real album we've ever gotten from her and I guess only fans can see that I don't know why the general public fails to hear her they've been blinded by predisposed thoughts that don't let them hear the music

  • Rikki Boodram - Kaspersky

    Now when it comes time to protect my PC, I like to experiment around with Antivirus/Internet Security companies. Yes I do my homework before making a purchase. Kaspersky has good rep for award winning protection. So I gave these guys a try and by far no malware! I noticed another user commented that the autorun.exe did not come up once the Installation Disc was in the computer. Its not so hard to go to My computer and click on the DVD drive then autorun.exe.. Anyways, this is my 2nd purchase from this company (Purchased the 2013 Antivirus version and it works top noch). I had to issues that the other users have experienced when downloading. My advice, check the system requirements. I noticed the updating the virus definitions can b a little slow, but I am okay with it because it because on this custom built PC by me, it does not bog down my computer on resources. I highly recommend this product not just for the looks, but for the reputation and award winning protection. Note this is a 1 year 3 PC edition, which by far is the best price I have ever seen when I was shopping around for the same product. All and all 5/5 stars for ease of installation, and competitive protection from everyday threats. Looking forward to doing more business with Kaspersky in the near future.

  • Nelson&Fritz - Faulty Product--Great Customer Service Rep.

    This product functioned decently, but was by no means worth the price. The plastic is so cheap and light that the product seems fragile. I used it a few times between my purchase date and now (roughly 5 months) and it no longer works. It will not turn on, the batteries are loose in the case and we threw it away. Our baby is currently going through a 3-month long ear infection and is getting tubes next week. Having a reliable thermometer was so important and we felt that we couldn't trust the readings of this one.

  • Bill Lynch - Still excellent after over a year of use

    This is a solid case. The inside is covered with a rubber-like material that acts as a cushion. We have used 2 of these for over a year now. I suspect we could throw our iPhone's on the ground and these covers would protect them. The rubber material extends out where there are buttons so you can push the buttons through the case. They are thin enough so the iPhone doesn't get much larger. After a year, the rubber-like material on the front that comes out beyond the edge to protect the front of the phone from impact is beginning to show some darkening from the oils in our hands, but they still work just fine. Our experience has been excellent after all this time.

  • Jen Dale - Feeling good about this purchase

    One of my favorite "kitchen" purchases, although it is great for travel, too. I load it up with fruit and it is tasty for at least 6 changes of water, and the fruit still tastes good when I remove it afterward with an iced tea spoon (recommended). So far I have only tried using about 4 fruits and can't wait to add sprigs of mint and parsley. This will keep me hydrated and healthy all summer and beyond. I bought one for everyone in my family. Easy not to mix our bottles up with the different color options. The rubber grip means a strong grip is easy, and the cap locks on tight. Highly recommend this item! Oh, shipment was also nice and fast. 5 stars all the way!

  • Amazon Customer - Trying This...

    Just ordered this to try. Got it and the lids on the jars allow the Conditioner to leak. Amazon tied them in a bag before placing them in the box to ship. I cleaned them up and gave it a try. Hair felt softer and I was surprised to find that my hair had no oily feel. Not greasy at all. Hair doesn't seem to look any better or worse to me, but did feel softer. Just started using it, so maybe I'll notice other results over time.