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  • Anonymous - What a beautiful story

    I can now say that R.S. Grey is one of my top authors. I have loved every book that I have read and this is no exception. All of the characters are funny, interesting, and so likable. I loved the setting of this and I couldn't help but conjure up images of "Under the Tuscan Sun". I loved Georgie from a previous book and Luca was just as lovable. This story has great friends, comedy, and a swoon-worthy love story with some hot scenes to top it off. Highly recommend!!!

  • Mary Blankenship - Worked as said!!! Continued to lose AFTER ...

    Worked as said!!! Continued to lose AFTER I stopped this 24 challenge..... because I knew how to eat right!!!

  • Marc Bolger - Bounty on Mr.Ghost Genie- Wanted Dead or alive"

    The first time I used Avast was when it was a free down load. A supervisor at work recommended that I use it to prevent Mr.Trojan Horse and things like the pop ups that are claiming your machine is plagued when they are the ones plaguing it! Ring a bell? So after about maybe two years of some good use Avast became no longer a free download. So instead of being such a tight wad I decided all the free service had to be worth the price of approximately $35.00 for a year. So I did. And it has worked quite well. Many times over it has blocked a website and cut it off to prevent it from getting in and it also has trapped viruses for me to execute in the holding cell as I like to call it. I like to down load stuff off of U-tube and if anyone else does this they know that sooner or later you have stuff that slips by. Avast catches most of it too. But I get so raunchy I out do myself. Anyone else here do this? Gnaw...I didn't think so. I must be the only one. So then earlier this year I had something called "Ghost Genie that managed to get in. I would find it in the control panel-Add Remove programs and I would remove it and then I would remove the folder it creates in my C drive. But more things got in. I discovered a folder with 2 files in it and I could not remove it. Then within the hour the Ghost Genie would also come back. U-tube would not even play on my internet. My machine was now haunted. I called Avast and I was asking about something this situation because I knew that they had tech support. Because It was reformat time! The guy at Avast looked at my status and he said that I only had the basic program. He said for $170.00 dollars I could have full tech support for a year. At that time I didn't really quite know what to do. This guy assured me that they could remove everything and replace damaged or missing files for my windows 7 with ease. So I gave it a try. they instantly right over the phone connected with my computer and uploaded a whole set of tools. They cleaned up everything and I was good to go in about an hour. Then I noticed that there was still that file I couldn't get rid of after they were done. I called em back. No problem...they got right to it. cleaned up even some more stuff. Then after this time in about an hour "Ghost Genie" came back!! I called em again. They got right on it and I told the guy over the phone that I didn't think they could get it. Now it was personal. He spent about almost 2 hours in my system running a program in Dos. He found fake web browsers. I watched him kill the ghost genie. This was actually fun. It died like a spirit indeed. Now it has been about 3 weeks and no sign of anything. System clean. I can call them up right this minuet if I need to. They will connect and start doing things I cannot do. many different products are out there to buy for this but these guys used about 6 of them from a tool box program. And they know things that I do not. For me it has been really cool! Nothing like I have ever seen before. It almost sort of looked like fun watching them go to work. You can also leave and they will do it and then shut down your computer when they are done and leave you a note or they will leave it running for you. Basically I cannot say enough good things about them. I even am going to download this one program I originally have that is a U-tube downloader. After I down load it I then go to Programs-Add/remove and remove about 5 other things they install. This worked fine for me, but after a while I downloaded some other thing and it was much worse. I opened up Pandora's box big time! But I was thinking ...if I get my U-tube downloader running and then take that folder and icon and burn it to a back up CD. Have Avast come in and clean up anything else and then when I want the U-Tube downloader just put that folder and icon back on and not have to go through the install plague it insists.

  • erin - effective and soothing to the skin

    First of all I like the percentage of the retinol in this serum. It is effective without being too abrasive or harsh on my sensitive skin. I can see a difference in my skin after using this for about a week. It is smoother and the dry spots are gone. I like the aloe and the green tea that are added to the serum. They have a soothing effect on my skin. I feel like my skin is more elastic like in my college days. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.