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Patient Plus | Urgent Care Clinic | Baton Rouge | Mid City Patient Plus - Baton Rouge Urgent Care - Patient Plus is located in the heart of Mid City Baton Rouge. We treat patients of all ages with both urgent and routine medical needs. We treat people with common illnesses and injuries by providing diagnostic services including X-rays, influenza testing, wellness exams, EKGs, strep tests and urinalysis.

  • New Urgent Care Clinic to Open in Mid City — Patient Plus | Urgent Care Clinic | Baton Rouge | Mid City - Point of Care Health Group is announcing the opening of a new urgent care clinic in the Mid City area.  Patient Plus Urgent Care is set to open next month and will be located at 2840 Florida Boulevard.  The clinic will provide treatment for most common illnesses and injuries and offer a wide range of diagnostic services including radiology (X-rays), influenza (flu) testing, wellness exams, EKGs, strep tests, and urinalysis.   

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    City: -74.0052 New York, United States

  • joe kickass - Great Book! Really Enjoyed It.

    Fantastic. A great new book from Cernovich. As usual, you need to apply the content in this book, not just passively consume it.

  • E. Hernandez - Great Machine!

    I am a 45 year old 500 lbs Obese man with a torn ligament in my right knee. I am on the journey back to recovery from these issues and so I bought this chair soley on advertising and am very happy I did. It is of high quality fabrication and very easy to store, not taking up much more room than a regular folding chair although it is a bit taller and wider than your standard folding chair. It supports my weight without issue (no squeaking or grinding) and offers me a way to strengthen my back, legs, arms,chest, and shoulders and improve my posture.

  • Laura K. Cocalas - Great product and even better price through Amazon!

    I started a new business in July 2012 and went to my local Best Buy to purchase this particular QuickBooks because it has the payroll feature. As I was standing in a long line, (detest long lines but in this case it paid off), when a gentleman a couple places behind me whispered; "You know Miss, you can purchase that much cheaper through Amazon." I've shopped Amazon for a long time but being a new business, (or otherwise), every penny counts; "I need this NOW!" "Well", he recommended, "Ask BB to match the Amazon price!" As I stood with the cashier I did as he recommended but the cashier had to call her manager. I knew I was holding up the line which made me & I imagine the people waiting uncomfortable, but the answer? There is no way we can match that price! Shocked, I told her I didn't want it, thanked the man and went directly home to see how much I would actually save by waiting? Over $110, shipping included! The savings was worth those few days I had to wait for shipping and the 15 minutes of standing in line. Great product!

  • Beaker - Sturdy, well made

    Bought this to remove the paint and rust on my car before I applied the bondo. Saved me a BOATLOAD of time. Ergonomic grip and movable hand helped me get the underside of the vehicle safely without having to put it on a lift. Best of all, doing it myself saved me money and now I owned the tools. I was originally going to buy the more expensive higher amp model, but this is more than enough.

  • Mama to Peach, Baba, and Bug - Not the Holy Grail of Car Seats

    Some brief background - I am obsessed with car seats and have read/researched extensively for the past four years since my first child was born. I am not a technician by any means, but I am far more experienced & knowledgeable than the average consumer.

  • Dennis Haddix - Wipe New is no deal !

    My car was clean and dry. use this product on my head lights, worked OK, put car wax and buffer looks just as well if not better.