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  • Derek Tombrello - Drill 3/16" Pilot Hole, Not 7/32" - Otherwise Easy to Install and STRONG!

    I used to install TVs for people professionally, so I have used many different mounting systems. I was looking for something cheap, but reliable to hang a 50" LG 50LA6200 LCD TV. I looked at a lot of options both on Amazon as well as elsewhere before settling in this one. I am happy that I did!

  • Brandon Kalani - Caffeinated luxury

    Great idea for turning whatever drink you want into a caffeinated beverages with a quick stir! I love it! The energy sticks are triangular and have a sticker that needs to be removed. Once removed, there are many tiny holes and you can see the powder within. Then you out the stick in whatever drink (water bottle) and stir for ten seconds and boom! Bang-O, Bong-O you're ready to rock and get energized. I purchased this at a discounted price for my honest opinion and review after sampling the energy sticks first hand.

  • Jennifer A. Galaviz - Amazing Amazing Amazing

    I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a try. I got my first tattoo and was so nervous that it would fade or end up itching or even looking bad. Used this lotion everyday, 3-4 times a day and it worked amazingly. Never itched, skin feels great, lotion smells great too!

  • D. Weed - Beats the competition!

    I purchased a CanGun1 handle at my local TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) for under $5. It was being marketed under the Valspar trade name.

  • velvet serpent - These provide excellent support and compression without hindering movement.

    These Knee  Sleeves by Mava Sports are exactly what I needed.  I've noticed that for the last few years my knees are giving me more discomfort after an intense work out or after playing sports. I was looking for a supportive device that I could wear while playing hockey. I did not want to use the braces with gears, or the braces that had the metal flex bars ( those always seem to rip open after a lot of use). I do not need the level of support that a knee brace would provide,  but I definitely do need some support. Also, when I have tried those kinds of knee brace type supports in the past, they seemed to hinder my movements, and lower my overall performance.

  • John Chiocchi - Still the classic protection after all these years.

    Scotchgard Fabric Protector has been around for a very long time. This is an easy to use product that gives you the edge over spills on fabric. Protecting furniture is one of the more popular uses of Scotchgard because it does a great job while being easy to apply.