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  • Stacy R - Typical pediasure- does the job

    The kids love these. I think they taste a little chalky, but I'm not the one who has to drink them. I wish pedicure wasn't so expensive, but they are as good a price here as anywhere else.

  • Beth Chandler - So glad I purchased these!

    I do alot of banking on-line and with my debit card. Because of this I go through check registers like water, my bank charges an outrageous fee for replacements. These were affordable and well worth the money.

  • Mark S - Overpriced pedometer

    I received this in May and was excited about the possibilities. I quickly learned that I expected entirely too much out of this device.

  • Richard G. - A wallet case to consider!

    I usually don’t use wallet cases unless they bring something big to the table, mainly because I find the flap annoying when I’m taking pictures or playing games. However, I decided to give them another try with this Spigen Wallet S for the Galaxy S7 edge.

  • catherine caroline chronister - returned product

    The product tasted horrible.l did like the fact that it was vegan. I just couldn't use it . l returned it but have not gotten a refund yet and its been a week l believe the product could help people jump start weight loss

  • Denise Van plew - satisfy the craving

    If not mistaken this author has not written many but fortunate for us readers she has chosen a series in paranormal. She will get you involved right away with Prince Kael whom will have a big upset. Whom he thinks caused it will also pull on emotional strings (just like this author does) with Cara being a suspect. When it is unraveling we get to be right there every step of the way. She will give us how love will conquer prejudice also. It will also be hard not to become attached to this prince because he belongs to someone else. I find it exhilarating reading love/hate battles seeing who will come out on top. By the time it is finished unraveling with final outcome you will have been melted by heat and satisfied your craving for suspense. Good beginning also in this series.

  • John Leslie Walker - Rendered my 4 year old incontinent!!!

    Let me start this by stating that I don't like gummi bears, nor does my husband and we rarely have them in our house. However, a few months ago, one of my family members shared a link to the brilliantly written comments on these gummies. My husband and I laid in bed for a few hours after the kids went to bed dying laughing at the comments. We vowed to buy some someday and made a "Hit List" of people we wanted to share them with. That was pretty much the end of we thought.