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  • The Screaming Scallop - Wonderful Product!

    Before getting Soda Stream's Fountain Jet, if I wanted a low-carb soda sweetened with Splenda instead of Aspartame, I had to travel well beyond my nearby Walgreen's and Safeway over to Lucky and pray they had Pepsi One or Diet Zero in stock. That's all. Everything else has Aspartame (which for me is Headache City, population OHGODMAKEITSTOP).

  • Susie K. - Total junk

    I have used Quicken since about 1995. It was an amazing product back then. I have gone through many versions since then, and I have to say that it has progressively gotten more unreliable and annoying. While it touts the ability to pull all your information via One Step Update, I don't know how many times it successfully downloaded data from all my accounts, with various error messages. Many times, the message reads that it is a problem with my financial institution, but when I access my account directly through the bank website, I have no problems. But if I have to get my information that way, why I pay money for this software? It seems to me that Quicken has taken advantage of its loyal fan base from the early years by forcing them to pay every couple years for the same and truly unimproved product, knowing that there is no competition out there. 

  • silence dogood - Engine light went off, car performance improved... worth a try for $20

    07/25/2014 - About two weeks ago my 2005 Honda Civic's computer threw a code and the engine light came on. I plugged in my ODBII reader to get the code(s) and got a P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. Generally a mechanic will tell you that you need to replace the catalytic converter... about a $1,000+ job in a civic. I reset the computer and the engine light went out.