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  • mcgman - Keeping it Simple

    They Product Key Card Solution for Microsoft is probably their best idea. Why continue to put out CD's when they are no longer needed. Now if Microsoft could just get rid of the Plastic Case, the solution would be perfect.

  • D. Cuba - two years with middle schooler, and still in great shape.

    I got this for my middle school son, two years ago. I am shopping for backpacks for my other kids, because theirs (not High Sierra) are pretty beat up after only one school year. I just inspected my son's High Sierra, and it is in great shape! He is about to start his third school year with his High Sierra Loop, and I have no plans of replacing it. I am very impressed with the durability of this model.

  • AngryDrumGuy - Good tester for very little $

    Works as expected and the price is lower than some overpriced "name" competitors. I really wanted to check out the Klein RT600, but didn't have $30 and needed this quick. There's the slightest little bit of glow in the unlit sections when the light next to it is activated, but it will never be enough to confuse the user. The lights are visible in sunlight and the glow was only noticeable in lower light conditions.