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oursomedayisnow - oursomedayisnow is a blog for Airstream traveling and adventures where you can see us visit and report on many local and national attractions within our daily life in the united states.

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  • brandon - great reception only fuzzy a few times here and there ...

    came in the mail fast and installed in 30 seconds. great reception only fuzzy a few times here and there but just for a moment.

  • TxBamBam - Good product

    A little fun connecting brackets but fits well and does what this is designed to do. I will say this, If you can afford the full windshield then buy full. While driving rain will still come threw the front space but I knew that going in with this purchase

  • T. Dean - My husband thought I was out of my mind for buying this!

    That is until he installed it and you can't even hear the pump running. It's almost crazy the difference it makes and I wouldn't have believed it had I not read all the reviews like the one I'm entering right now. There is nothing more annoying than listening to a pump cycle on and off!

  • Norman M. Nichols - After 1 Year of Use the Results Are Great!!!!

    I started using the Laser Comb in March of 2008, and have used it for a full year now with very good results! When you first start using the Laser Comb you will notice hair shedding for about a month and a half, (will appear that your hair loss has gotten worse) but....stick with it no matter how much you want to stop using it, because it will make your hair grow back much thicker! I really started noticing the difference about 3-4 months into my treatments, then it seemed to shed a little once again,(not nearly as bad though as the initial shedding phase) but grew back once again! About 6 months into it I noticed a pretty big difference, my hair count had doubled in thickness, and filled in the front and back nicely. So after a year of use my hair growth continues to get fact my boss noticed how much the back of my scalp had filled in, and was completely shocked at the results! (she was skeptical about it when I first purchased it) She now believes in the comb after seeing the results first hand. When you use this comb it is very important that you use it after washing your hair, and use on a clean scalp.(before using hair products) This helps the laser penetrate into the scalp.You need to also use it 3 times a week, every other day for maximum results. So I highly recommend that you purchase this before you lose anymore hair, once you completely lose it you can't regrow it back. :( I Hope this review has helped you, and good luck with your hair regrowth!

  • Janae - blehh

    I'd put more stars but I ordered 3 and 2 of them quit working the very day I got them and I'm sure you have to work out and diet with them as well cuz it didn't do too much for me and they kinda hurt so be careful but if you are fit and in shape and just want to be tone I'd recommend it

  • Nick Lambert - The birth of TripHop

    Massive Attack's debut remains one of the most important albums of the 90's and it's release was instrumental in proving to people that dance music and hip hop could be intelligent. Today, 10 years on, it's beauty and brilliance remains undimmed. The lazy but thumping scene is set with 'Safe from Harm', which is built around a groovy bassline and features Shara Nelson's soulful voice and 3d's mysterious raps. The best track is 'One Love', featuring the wonderful voice of Horace Andy. The album veers between soul and hip hop, but when we reach 'Unfinished Sympathy', there is no doubt that TripHop has been born. The albums most famous track, and probably the one which Massive Attack will carry with them until they die, it uses a full orchesta and fuses those lush sounds with Shara Nelson's sad vocals and the hip hop breakbeats and loops that Massive Attack had perfected under The Wild Bunch. 'Unfinished Sympathy' really is a very special song, and its influence can be seen everywhere today, from rock groups like The Verve and Radiohead to much of modern dance music, particularly the ambient scene. This is an album that anybody with an interest in music history should own, or indeed anyone who just likes to relax to some good vibes. You won't be disappointed.