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  • pshychd-eye-A - Looks great on kindle fire hd 8.9

    The magazine looks great on my kindle fire hd 8.9. The pictures look great and the text can be zoomed in for easy reading. I haven't had any issues with the subscription. As the magazines are coming out I am receiving them on my kindle automatically. When turning a page it gives a transition screen that looks like you really are turning the page(it's really neat). If you double tap on the screen an all text version pops up for even easier reading. I used to receive the magazine by mail and they would just pile up in a box after I am done reading it. Now if I want to refer back to an old magazine I just open up my kindle and pick(the kindle will start your collection from the time of purchase of the kindle version...not your previous old paper magazines from years ago). Right now I have Feb, Mar, and Apr's copies because I subscribed to the kindle version in Feb. It's exactly like the paper magazine...the ads, the placements of the text and pics on each page, the covers.

  • Armando - Positive reviews appear to be bogus

    Let's be honest - nobody "loves" and "finds it a joy" to use Quickbooks or any other accounting software! If you look at the reviewers, they have mostly only posted reviews for Quickbooks.

  • Amazon Customer - All US citizens should read this book. It necessary ...

    All US citizens should read this book. It necessary to understand why our government currently is not governing by the constitution. The book shows where the real powers lie. We are seeing our government leaning toward totalitarianism with the home security getting stronger every day.

  • Moma Meggie - Lightweight Luxury

    This is the ulitmate in umbrella strollers! Very lightweight but sturdy, nice recline, plush, excellent sun screen, easy to fold up-everything I wanted in a lightweight stroller.

  • Lynne Butler - Good Product...

    I've used this for sometime now and saw it on Amazon and ordered. After looking more closely to the price, I could have gotten the same thing at the store for about $6.00 less. It would pay to check on some things before ya order. I will from now on. Just didn't give it much thought at the time. I'll keep it as a lesson learned for future reference. Still a good product but just a little over-priced. I consider own fault for not paying attention.

  • CDeterding - Mistake in listing, but the issue was quickly resolved

    This product listing is outdated and this item only comes with one carbonating bottle, rather than two, as SodaStream reconfigured the starter kit. We were briefly disappointed when the shipment arrived, but our interactions with Metropolitans Warehouse over the issue were prompt, courteous and reasonable. The situation was resolved to our satisfaction, and I would definitely purchase from this seller again--the purchase arrived quickly and in good condition. The fresh seltzer is great!

  • Mitzy T - Any Standard Kit should have TWO Gastro Fiber bottles included

    I did this cleanse last year and followed the directions in the booklet. It came with only one bottle of Gastro Fiber and there are not enough capsules for the duration of the cleanse in one bottle. I contacted the sellar and they were good about sending me out another bottle at their expense but still, anyone selling this product should know what is needed for the cleanse.