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  • Gunny - fine, extra-fine

    Age 68, Viet Nam Combat Marine (twice) acquired "jungle rot". J.R. simply is the toe nail separating from the nail bed which leaves the nail open to al kinds of nasty intruders and it can also happen in civilian life. Big toe Nails have been thick for years, VA wanted me to ingest meds to combat nail infection, I said no, to many contra-indications. I would file nail down, use polymer compound and build a nail over it all and apply a polish to mimic a real nail. Within a month my damaged nail would begin to thicken and raise the polymer nail. Heard about Kerasal, read reviews, and found it at my local Target store. Now here me out here, if you have a drermal use a medium sanding drum to sand down the thickest part of your nail then finish up with emery boards, course, medium, fine, extra-fine. No Dremal then simply use the Emory boards. File down to where using your thumb nail you can press down on the affected nail and it will feel soft. No apply the Kerasal making sure you don't apply any to the surrounding skin of the nail. Should you then whip it off or it will peel the top portion of that skin. This product penetrated easily into my affected nail And I SAW results in TWO days, no B.S! Been going on to 8 days now and my affected nails are growing back in and they are clear and no more thickness. I use it as instructed, thin application before bedtime, let dry. But I also apply it in the morning, thin application. I am amazed how this product works and I'm sharing it with fellow Marines and anyone that has a nail fungus, it is simply amazing!! thank you for reading. Semper Fi,

  • Robert J. Korzuch II - This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT

    This is the SECOND PHONE in a week I tried to get working. I thought the first one was defective and sent it back BUT this one does not stay connected to AT&T either. The BLU company just brings you through a hard reset and other than that has NOT been Helpful AT ALL. I have tried every APN possible yet to no avail will it stay connected to AT&T. This handset has been NOTHING but a waste of my time and EFFORT! AT&T even supplied me with a new SIM, but the problem is in the HANDSETS by BLU! Blu just asks where I bought it and they suggest I just send it back AGAIN! What seemed like a nice product and great deal, WAS NOT! Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, you will soon find out it isn't.

  • Bonnie S. - So far I LOVE this treadmill

    So far I LOVE this treadmill. The only drawback I can conclude so far is that it takes a little longer to speed up than the treadmills at the gym. But, overall this is a great at home treadmill. Very Quiet and Sturdy. LOVE it!

  • Jason Morefield - All-around great case, one downside

    This is a great phone case. It completely protects my phone from drops (though I haven't found the courage to test the limits...for good reason) and provides enough grip that it won't easily slip out of my hand.

  • Sean Flanagan - Works as expected

    It is Microsoft Office that runs on a Mac, plain and simple. You get all the good and bad that comes with Office.