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OneOme is making prescriptions personal through affordable PGx testing - OneOme brings pharmacogenomics to healthcare providers, to help them prescribe optimal drug therapy the first time, based on each patient's DNA and current prescriptions.

  • Contact information, contact OneOme with your questions. - Contact information. Email and phone contact information for customers with general, technical and feature request questions.
  • The OneOme solution for personalized pharmacogenomics - Our clinical PGx database only includes drugs with strong scientific data supporting drug-pharmacogene relationships displayed on clear, actionable reports.
  • Reasons to prescribe the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - Avoid prescribing drugs that may cause ADRs. Increase safety and effectiveness of prescribed drugs. Improve the economic efficiency of healthcare.
  • Details of the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test includes 23 genes and over 250 drugs. Comprehensive. Individualized. Credible. Actionable. Accessible.
  • OneOme Resources - OneOme’s RightMed™ pharmacogenomics test helps healthcare providers with timely, evidence-based prescription decisions by combining a patient’s genetic profile and current medications in an interactive report that easily integrates into current practices. OneOme’s RightMed test covers cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, psychiatric conditions, and more. The OneOme platform was co-developed and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic to bring pharmacogenomics into routine clinical care.
  • Provider information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - Use pharmacogenomic information to make informed prescription decisions. Reduce side effects. Limit ADRs. Increase effectiveness. Prevent interactions.
  • Pharmacist information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - Use pharmacogenomic information to expand pharmacological knowledge. Detect incompatibilities. Guide drug monitoring.
  • Patient information for OneOme RightMed PGx testing - What the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test can tell your doctor. Hear patient success stories. How to talk to your doctor about OneOme.
  • How to get the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test - Step by step instructions on how to get the OneOme RightMed pharmacogenomic test, provide a sample, and discuss results with your doctor.

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  • S. Licht - I highly recommend the Flex Belt, but not their customer service

    I saw the Flex Belt advertised on TV and was intrigued. I came on here and read the reviews and bought one. I have been using my Flex Belt daily for 7 weeks now and love it. My husband thought I was insane when I bought it, but could see the difference it had made by the 5th week. It works! Some of the reviews I read said you have to exercise in addition, but I decided to try just the Flex Belt to see how it worked alone and as I said, it's really made a difference. However, if you ever have a problem with your Flex Belt, Do Not deal with the Flex Belt company itself even if it is still under their warranty. I was having a problem with the controller. After about 5 weeks it would only go to 3, had lines like you had to set a time and wouldn't contract. After turning it off and on 4 to 5 times it would finally start working. I thought since it had worked, I might have been doing something wrong. So I called the Flex Belt company to see if I could talk to someone about it. The first rep I dealt with would not help me because I didn't have my invoice anymore and when I said I bought it on, he said that's not who they sell to (It's LLC by the way), so I had to call Amazon and get a copy of the original email and send it to them to prove I bought it from Amazon. The second rep treated me like a moron. I told her it had worked fine for the first 5 weeks and yet she asked me if I had the gel pads upside down, if their was still plastic on them, if there was good contact, etc. Then she had me put it on and start it and to try to push program. Well, nothing happened. That should have been her first clue. She had me try several times and then finally had me try to see if I could get past 3 and it worked just fine, of course. She blamed it on the gel pads which I had just replaced. I worked in customer service for over 20 years and if I had treated people like that, I would have been fired. The next time I used it I had the same problem, but this time called Amazon customer service. Not only was the rep friendly, they are replacing it and I don't have to send my belt back until I get the new one. So, while I Highly recommend the product, I don't recommend their customer service. If you have a problem, deal with Amazon.

  • C. Cha - Okay concealer, is it worth the $$ though?

    I'm on the constant search for the perfect concealer to cover my dark undereye circles, and unfortunately i'm still looking. I'd heard lots of praise for Benefit Erase Paste, and i figured i'd take the plunge (it's pretty pricey in my opinion). It is fairly pigmented, and is the creamiest concealer i've ever used. I thought with it being so creamy that it wouldn't settle into fine lines and end up looking cakey; I was wrong, after an hour or so it does and accentuates those lines. Also, it doesn't have the greatest staying power and find that also after an hour or so I have to reapply. I will say that even though it's on the pricey side ($26 for 0.15 oz), you do get what you pay for in that you only need to use the tiniest amount, so I can see this one little pot lasting a very long time. Also, there are only 3 colors to choose from, and the medium color (which is closest to my color match-wise) is rather pink-toned, so if you have yellow/olive undertones (like I do), be wary as the color may not be a good match.