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  • Amanda Townsend - Great

    Love the song and the artist! The sound quality was great sounds perfect on small or large systems couldn't be happier!

  • Elizabeth Sanders - Pairing the device is simple and routine

    I have really liked each headset and this particular Headset is no different. It ships in a Black premium box with the the company's logo and model of headset. Inside you will find the headset secured in place by a foam insert, instructions, USB charging cable, and different sized rubber ear bud inserts. There is no carrying pouch with this purchase as there is with other models. The headset has a rubber coating which prevents any damage due to sweat. I can report that I have used this headset while using my treadmill. Although I sweated heavily, the headset never shifted, or fell out of my ears. Helping the Headset to stay put in your ears is the earloop found on both speakers. They clip over your ear and secure the buds. Although the ear buds were wet with sweat, no damage was sustained.

  • Clare - Amazing Cleaner

    This stuff is amazing. It cuts through grease and grime like buttah! I've been painting our kitchen cabinets but they had to be cleaned first, especially the ones near the stove. No problem! Since, we are selling our over the stove microwave I had to clean that too. Perfect! I was worried it might hurt my hands, but it didn't at all. There is just one strange thing it did do. After 12 cabinet doors and the microwave, it was dissolving the gel on my nails!!!! I could actually pick up a dime for the first time in years. LOL

  • Gloria - I read other reviews and it seems perfect for what im trying to do

    I bought this bleaching a week ago, just got it and used it. My goal was to dip dye my hair purple. I read other reviews and it seems perfect for what im trying to do. The product specifies that if your hair ir long ot thick you might need to use two bottles. I started by applying it to 2in of my hair, and then I was planning to apply it 1 in higher and one more 1in application, each in 10min lapses, well my hair is tick but I had more than enough product (ah and be careful, if you do leave the bottle unattended, the product will start coming out like a volcano) Used it for 50min according to the instructions and my hair was some type of honey color. Washed it with water, dried it and reapplied, gave it 40 min and the color was slightly lighter. In the end I went to the store to got some blonde hair color and used it on the tips only.


    The product is very good and met my expectation. The downside was I was on the telephone with the India call center for two hours twenty minutes trying to get the product activated.