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  • Renny - Great buy!

    Great book definitely a great read with some interesting essays in it, shipped and arrived quickly, came in great condition.

  • Monika Snow - really good

    Easy to use, I can't cook to save my life and my boyfriend and I like to eat healthy. I make him banana and nutella yogurt, he loves it. It's easy to put together sometimes cleaning it is a pain, but overall great investment if you like yogurt and fruit its fun trying to make new flavors I like adding lemon and orange together.


    I wish I had read some of the negative reviews here before using Rejuvenate floor refresher on our Mannington hardwood floors. What resulted was a hazy finish that was EXTREMELY difficult to remove. Most cleaning products either wouldn't remove it or were not recommended by the flooring manufacturer. In desperation, we finally tried a product called Goof Off Heavy Duty cleaner that comes in a spray bottle. That is the only product I found that would dissolve the film left by Rejuvenate without ruining the original finish on the floor. It took my wife and I many long hours on our hands and knees to wipe clean the awful mess left by Rejuvenate. Rejuvenate customer assistance would only recommended a non-ammoniated glass cleaner which we soon found DID NOT remove their product. The Rejuvenate warranty is limited to the cost of the product itself. Be forewarned that you could have the same experience I and many others have had with Rejuvenate Floor Refresher.