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  • Angel - Good product, but over inflated shipping price

    The product is great and does the job, but you do have to use it regularly in order for it to be 100% effective.

  • Kelly Sottelbaum - Great bear, girl not included.

    Great, soft little bear. Please note that the girl with glasses and braces in the picture does not come with it.

  • Michael Powell - Good for your health and promotes weight loss

    A healthy liver is essential to health. If it is clogged up this filter organ causes tons of problems. Using this detox helped make me feel better and lose weight. The fat that hangs around in the liver is bad news. Using this product along with lipo b12 shots jumpstarted my weight loss getting me over a plateau

  • Hazspec - ... in our 2016 Escape and as advertised they fit like a glove

    Installed the mats in our 2016 Escape and as advertised they fit like a glove! Quality and endurance will

  • Eclectic Entrepreneur - Researched it. couldn't wait to get it. wanted to love it. hated it.

    OK so I have been wanting a Roomba for months. I read reviews, talked to people who owned one, watched videos. We replaced our mangy carpet with almost 1000 sqft of laminate and I was looking for a way to keep up with the dust bunnies, cat hair and bits we tracked in. I am a vacuum and mop once a week girl and knew that wasn't going to be enough. So I asked for birthday $$, saved up and bought a 770 at BB&B with a 20% coupon 3/15/14. We watched the DVD and started using it. After two days I can't wait to box it up and make it go away. It is noisy. Similar to a dustbuster sound level but imagine that noise going on for 1.5 hours. It couldn't do half our 1000 sqft before needing to recharge so I started using it in specific areas. Pick it up. Move it to master bedroom, bathroom, closet (~260 sq ft) area. Pick up all cords, shoes, ect that might hinder Roomba. Start and leave room. It spends over an hour doing that little space. Let it recharge. Pick it up, Move it to next area. Pick up everything that might hinder it... ALSO, no one I saw talked about that you are supposed to clean ALL it's components EVERY CLEANING CYCLE although I took that to mean daily since there is no way I am doing it every area. How bad could that be, you say? Empty bin (easy) but then open brush guard to remove both brushes and their bearings and clean all parts. Remove 2 filters and tap those clean. Remove the little front wheel and clean that assembly. Get all the wound hair around the sides of the brushes and wheel off. I don't know about you but I don't do that for my regular vacuum unless I think something is wrong with it. Twice when I tried to make the Roomba 'go to dock' it went off and did it's own thing - no idea why. Both times after 20 minutes of waiting I had to go get it and take it to within 2 feet of it's dock and then when I told it to dock it did. The remote is almost worthless. Unless you are literally a couple feet away and have a direct line of sight it isn't going to respond. On a GOOD note and the only reason it gets 2 stars... both my husband and I were impressed with how well it did pick up dirt, dust and hair and how it fully covered the entire space it was asked to clean. BUT the prep and post work every use to do that and the amount of time it takes (1.5 hours) to do a 10 - 20 minute job just aren't worth $400 - $500. At least not to me.

  • SirPasta117 - The next generation is finally here.

    The next generation of gaming is here! I have been excited to get my hands on this console since the moment it was announced. The console is beautiful, the controller is top notch, and the Kinect seals the deal.