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  • stacey dean - Great Product!

    Glad to know I don't have to replace my deck in my '06 to listen to my music on iTunes. This transmitter does what it's supposed to, but I still experience static and I wish there was a way to minimize that. The device is small and it looks nice. Overall, I'm satisfied with the product.

  • M. Robinson - Great story!

    I wasn't really excited about reading this book. I am in love with the shade series. But, Bella surprised me with this story. Once I started reading I couldn't put this book down. I became immersed in the story. Now I am patiently awaiting the second book in this series!

  • Steve - The Best Screen Protector Ever

    Easily the best screen protector that I have ever purchased. It feels great and goes on easy. The included materials (alcohol swab, microfiber cloth, final dust sticker) quickly and easily removed any dust and fingerprints on your screen, and the glass protector itself is easy to position and lock into place. They include a plastic card for squeezing out any bubbles and advise 48 hours to let any small bubbles or minor imperfections ease out, but my screen was great right after application and a little bit of squeezing.

  • sandi - It Works

    This is a great product. I have used it for years and am very happy with the results. Give it a try.

  • Jessica Biron - They are great to use when you need something that is quick ...

    The paper plates are strong enough to use for a variety of food so that it can hold the food without bending the plate. They are great to use when you need something that is quick and easy.

  • Bryan - great game

    I love to dance. I really love just dance series and this last game is incredible, just dance songs are always fun to dance with friends or just alone if you want to lose some weigth with just swet rutines. Also I like it cuz with the xbox one console you only need your body and a good actitude to play... it is not like in other consoles that you need a motion control to play, I'm just wainting for more dlc songs. Great game you have to try JD 2014 guys....

  • ZenMess - On it's own... this is a 2-3 ...

    On it's own...this is a 2-3 star item. When used with an arsenal of other tricks, this can really work. If you have a stubborn wart then you should attack it and yes the skin around the wart will sadly pay a price. Freeze it for longer then it says 2-3 times in a row. THEN cover it with salicylic pads AND duct tape. The duct tape is important. Check on it every few days. Replace the salicylic and duct tape daily until it's gone. What I've learned about treating warts is to NOT get lazy. Deciding to not treat it for a day or 2 could lead you back to square one, with a full size wart that reappeared overnight. Don't stop once the wart has peeled away...KEEP treating it until you have a bit of an indent or crater in that location. Then keep an eye on it for many weeks after. You have to catch the regrowth quickly.