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  • Savage - Ageless Male Customer for 2 years

    I do not have drastically low levels of T, but they are low. I started Ageless Male two years ago hoping it would help my energy level & all the other claims the company made. The first year I noticed a slight difference in energy, but the T levels were still below normal,according to lab report. I kept taking the product one more year & noticed no difference whatsoever. T level after the 2nd year saw no change. My dr started me on a prescription T & I noticed a big difference several weeks later. I stopped taking the product after I got the dr's prescription. Ageless Male apparently did very little for me.

  • HERIBERTO GUZMAN - All-in-one mask

    How could this mask be so cool! Besides moisturizing and anti-wrinkle care, I've really wanted to brighten and lighten! This is really heaven-sent! Totally cool!

  • savvymomnyc - Do Something that Matters

    In a time where there seems to be so much hostility, Luvvie tells it like it is and brings humor to life when we need it the most.

  • Kelsey - This Product Made My Skin WORSE

    I tried this product with high hopes for it helping my skin. After using ProActive consistantly for about 6 months my skin kept getting worse and worse. I continued using the product knowing it's common sense that helping a skin problem such as mine won't happen over night, but the results are just horrific! Be very careful. After purchasing the product at a booth in the mall for over $100 I definately feel ripped off seeing my acne increase.

  • Kim Jones - I am very disappointed with this product

    I am very disappointed with this product. I did a great deal of research, watched a video, purchased the product, received product and experienced the following.