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  • Vic Reed - PHD Software!

    I've used H&R Block tax software for several years now and it's very thourough and straighforward in asking simple questions and guiding me through my whole return. Besides a standard W2 I also have a side business and this program has all the proper forms, schedules and advice to get me through without needing a real person even though they have real people handy should I ever need one (tax pro, that is). I like PHD (push here dummy) software!

  • Dhaval P. - Future of fun robotics is here.

    Cozmo is an amazing cute little robot that packs a lot of intelligence. We bought cozmo for my nephew but we ended up having a lot of fun. This birthday we got a lot of robots for him to play. We bought BB8 and also a dinasaur which fetches the bone, After playing with all three i can say Cozmo is the smartest robot in the market. The human emotions emoted through eyes, sounds and mechanical action started to seem pretty realistic. We had a lot of different age group ranging from 5 yrs to 72 yrs on the dinner table when we started playing with it. Suddenly after 5 to 10 mins everybody was saying "Aww", "Smart move cozmo", "Ouch", "Look he is angry" It was like we bought a real pet at home. It is smart, and winning game against him requires real concentration and the way cozmo sleeps to says the same is simply amazing.

  • Mary Jones - I highly recommend it.

    I found out about this book from a friend who actually has the entire book (700 pages) on a 24 hour long MP3 CD. My truck driver brother listened to the tape in a matter of 3 days. He called me & said that it was awesome--about our Founding Fathers & about all the immoral & unconstitutional things that Obama has done & continues to do as our president. I am reading the book now & agree completely with my brother's evaluation. Every American needs to be aware of these facts. I highly recommend it.

  • Marion L. Pinney - wills made easy

    This is an incredibly helpful book for a do it yourselfer. Easy to use and understand. I recommend this as an excellent tool to complete a difficult task

  • Elisa Nunez - Troubles

    I thought it was gonna be a disk...I'm having a hard time to find the right web page to download the protection. The one on the paperwork is wrong. Totally disappointed and 3 weeks later I still haven't downloaded it.