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  • Mike D. Percell - Excited

    The harness was well manufactered. The indiglo switch matches beautiful on my new 900s. Installation was easy, but for the novice not having much experience would struggle due to vague installation information in the installation guide. Glad I made he purchase. Well worth $$

  • Alexander Kuzmin - Another Scam product

    I learned about this product reading a book: "THE 4-WEEK ULTIMATE BODY DETOX PLAN, A Program for Greater Energy,

  • Ella B. - Excellent!!!

    I ordered this treadmill after researching others. I read some negative reviews about how it was difficult to put together, and how the parts was not labeled and that was not the case. My boyfriend put this together in about an hour by himself. All the screws was separated and labeled. I love this treadmill It makes working out during the winter so easy. I would definitely recommend

  • Kevin Schey - For serious photographers

    The book has helped with ideas how to sell my photos along with the contacts. I get a new version every couple of years to have an updated contact list.

  • ejpn - Picture went black

    Worked fine for a few hours. Then the picture went black. Doesn't matter the input (tv, dvd, etc.), all have the same problem. Tried re-boot with no result. AKAI logo comes on briefly, then nothing. AKAI online support is nonexistent, owners manual is far-east translation, and one fix-it site suggests "hitting it". Back to the dealer it goes!!

  • Tarot P. Atkinson - Not enough delivery options

    I bought this stuff to power my Delorian on a trip back to 1955. All went well until I got there. At first I was shocked it had all been used up on one trip but then I thought, "my bad, it was -50 years I was travelling, I'll just order some more". I was horrified to discover that they would not deliver to 1955. When I rang the phone number for the company there seemed to be a Chinese Laundry at the other end and they said they had never heard of Amazon and had no Uranium ore. I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn't known that there would be a lightning strike that would provide the 1.21 gigawatts I needed to get home.

  • Lawrence J. Chan - Light but airflow depends on head position

    Definately lighter than my Ionos but airflow isnt as good at most head positions. If all the crossbars were moved one inch back and the vents (at least the front vents) a bit larger, the airflow would be as good or better than the Ionos. As it is, one has to look/angle down to expose the top vents to the wind and get the airflow one expects from all the hype and, more importantly, to cool off. I can walk around with my Ionas and feel the air flowing thru the helmet...the Aeon not so much. Crosswind airflow isnt great either.