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De-addiction Center Lucknow|De-addiction | Rehabilitation Center - Conceptualized in 1990 – 1991; has traversed nearly 20 years in De – addiction Cure, Rehabilitation & Care; is the ‘First & Largest De – addiction Center’ in UTTAR PRADESH. The De – addiction and Rehabilitation Center is having its own BUILDING & MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE with AMENITIES. It provides HOSPITALITY, CARE & AFFECTION. The fast changing trends in Society has brought LIQUOR & DRUGS to the forefront. WHO has termed ADDICTION as a DISEASE (Physical, Psychological, Familial, Social, and Economical —— PROBLEMS in any of these due to LIQUOR & DRUGS).

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City: -121.946 California, United States

  • Hedley Lamarr - Reasonable UPS for home use. Great price

    This is a nice little UPS for my home router, PoE switch and cable modem. I have equipment spread throughout the house so I have to have several UPSs to cover it all. This unit is a nice addition. One slight downside is that it only has 1 surge/battery-protected transformer plug. The rest are close together for normal plugs. Overall it's a good buy.

  • Vana - Excellent "game," a great workout

    This "game" (I said that because it's more than a game) is totally what I was looking for. Not more money or embarrassment at gym.... Excercises are perfect, your muscles really feel the job, and you really SWEAT! It's very nice how you can see yourself in the screen and then correct your work. What I like the most is the so many alternatives this game has, the program designed just for you and your specific needs, and the timer and lost calories account. The only problem is the automatic encouragement voice. She always says you're "perfect," which is of course not true when the screen indicates your percentage of achievement is low. But besides that, you really may lose calories and shape your body if you're serious and don't give up. Love it.

  • Nicole greenlund - Great product, great price!

    We love this camera. My kids love swimming with it in lakes and ocean. Has never leaked. Takes great quality video and photos.

  • Evan Black - Brought my girlfriend back from the dead

    So i got this and decided to play a prank on my girlfriend thinking it would make her glow in the dark. well long story short it actually probably maybe kind of killed her. I panicked and buried her in the cemetery down the street. So i'm sittin in the living room all mopey when i hear a noise outside. when i get up to look i see her walking down the street and she's glowing! it's a miracle! not sure who those other people are with her shambling around like mindless drones, but i figured she was gonna throw me a surprise party and maybe apologize for dying. maybe those other people are friends or somethin. man this party is gonna be huge!

  • Sloppy Seconds - Not a new phone. Not sure if its genune Samsung.

    Factory seal was open and phone appears to be tampered with. Not sure if phone is a genuine Samsung phone or a knock off. Also weird software installed on phone as well. Not sure what else is installed. Will be returning ASAP.