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New Start Centers | Effective Medical Outpatient Treatment Center - We provide Detox Counseling and Therapies for Opioid Dependency, Heroin and Methadone Addiction. We help quit smoking. We help minimize alcohol withdrawal symptoms in La Grange GA.

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  • Anthony Lerro - Great customer support!

    I got Webroot to remove some really obnoxious adware that had infected my computer. The program itself didn't take care of the issue but I called the customer support line and a live technician was able to remedy the issue. My computer runs better than ever now. I can't thank them enough! A+++

  • Asma - Can't say LOVE it or HATE it

    I am on my second jar , was hoping for better results as I saw on the pics posted about this wonder plasma , well !! it does firm a little , but the price does not make it worth while.

  • MissMalware - Supply and demand.

    It's a solid deck that I bought at msrp. I don't mind these prices since it took me forever to find this deck without having to go online to get it. Supply and demand people, that's why it's selling for so much. My local comic shops even had it going for a little over msrp.

  • Nicholas Potter - From the man who said that legalising gay marriage will lead to beastiality...

    For those of you who aren't from Australia or who only pay attention to Murdoch media this idiot wants, amongst other things, to roll back women's rights by about 30 years because his belief in a sky fairy trumps any woman's right to choose. He also believes that religion needs to be reintroduced to politics (actually laments the separation of church and state) and believes that children from any family unit other than the traditional type are more likely to fall into criminality (boys) and promiscuity (girls).