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  • Thomas Richards - Great Waffles but Cheap Plasticy Design Broke Quickly

    This makes delicious deep waffles, but unfortunately mine broke after about 6 uses. The black handle part is made of very cheap plastic. Part of this plastic fell apart and now mine will not close or turn properly. Comes with a 3 year warranty but now I have to pay for shipping to ship it back and have it repaired. Definitely wouldn't go for this one again.

  • problembear - unuseable and impossible to learn

    unuseable unless you are a professional waste of money otherwise. impossible to learn. and the adobe customer service is no help.

  • Jeanette G. Weiss - Crystala is a great product

    This replaced an order that I made that wasnt correct. This company is great. I shipped back the incorrect one and purchased this. Unpacked it, Installed it in seconds, and rinsed according to recommendations. Water flow is excellent. AWESOME>

  • Chocodile - WORKS!!

    Great product! Worked by the second shampoo. My beagle mix was having the worst dandruff. He's allergic to something outside, and it was causing him to have crusty lesions of flaking skin that would come off and leave angry red sores underneath. The vet prescribed an antibiotic which only worked for a short while, so I decided he needed a better solution. This shampoo is it! I'm so happy that he's now relatively itch free and the dander has been clearing up very noticeably since the second shampoo so that there are only a few random flakes left. I've given him four baths, and he has regrown healthy skin where it once used be be red or crusty. Happy beagle, happy life.

  • Pcola Joe - Best Ever!

    Every year they redo this software and make improvements. It is very hard to find out what they have done before you buy it, I have called and they say it is being rewritten, but they are not sure of the details. So you have to take a leap of faith, and if you were happy with it the year before, buy it again.

  • Kathy A. - This is amazing!

    This is amazing! I've only been using it for a week, but I can already see a difference under my eyes. I have a problem with puffiness and it tightens the skin under my eyes. It has a very faint, but pleasant smell. It is in the most unique container I have ever seen. I don't like to put my fingers in my creams, or make up. I always use a spatula. This jar has a lid which you remove and then you press down on the cover of the jar, which pushes a tiny amount of the gel up onto the center of the cover. I absolutely love the gel and the jar that it is in.

  • Erin - Light walking shoes

    I wore these for 6+ hours walking around at a festival for three days in a row and found them comfortable and light, but not very supportive in the end even with the gel insoles. The shoe is very breathable due to the mesh fabric, which is great for wearing in hot weather. The insoles it comes with a very stiff and don't offer much support but I swapped them out for some gel insoles and they are perfect now. The sewn in tongue is a bit odd and takes a little getting used to.