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Neditol - Available in the UK from Aspire Pharma, Neditol XL is a once daily tolterodine capsule treatment for urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence.

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  • willie yee jr. - Gave me the flaming poops.

    This stuff is garbage and does not work. I did not lose any weight, even though it gave me a serious case of mudbutt. Maybe that's how the weight loss happens? Anyway, I don't recommend this product. I purchased it directly from the manufacturer. Save your money, eat less, and stay active. That's the only way to lose weight.

  • Amazon Customer - QuickBooks 2014

    VERY easy to learn, understand, and use. Highly recommended for small businesses looking for accounting software. I purchased this program solely as a training tool to update my computer skills, and I am very impressed with how easy it is to learn this program.

  • sallly - love it

    Loved these songs on my old cassette tapes a million years ago. Nice to hear it all again. The voices together are pure synergy.

  • RossTheWriter - Structured Read, Easy to Follow

    The book assisted me with understanding the format and flow of the exam. It contains some helpful information, but it's a study guide based on the structure of the exam and not so much its content. Additional studying with tools for vocabulary, math skills, etc. may be needed in addition to this tool.

  • William J. Miller - Not Really a Universal Fit

    I have a '97 Chinook RV on a Ford E350 chassis. I really like this concept. However it was an ordeal installing. First of all it, although the corners are rounded, it would not fit in my 2" receiver. After much filing, I managed to get the corners round enough to fit. Then I ran into the next issue. Even without any of the rubber spacers, the holes for the pins would not line up. It was about 3/8" short. Back to the work bench. I managed to drill out and file the holes to fit. I spray painted the unit and finished the install What a bear!