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  • Jazzman - Pleasantly surprised and completely satisfied.

    This is simply a great softbox, I have the 36 and 48 inch. It is a little challenging to assemble but with a little patience it can be done quickly. I installed the rods with the softbox facing down 1 by 1 until the softbox was fully expanded. Inserting the final rod was a small challenge. The light that this softbox produces is amazingly soft. The softbox is very lightweight to my surprise as I initially placed it on a cheap light stand without it tipping over, however I recommend a much more stable light stand such as a C-stand with sand bags, which I elected to place it on as the cheaper lighter stands will tip over should anyone bump this box.

  • Marissa Hopkins - So far it's Awesome!!

    I've been using this for two days. And already I have seen a slight difference. My teeth just look brighter. I have a aversion to strange tasting things. I was very worried about how I would handle this powder in my mouth. There is no taste to it. And you only need a little bit. Very little goes a long way! It also rinses out very easily. I like to brush my teeth after so I have minty fresh breath. I'm excited to see what my teeth look like at the end of 30 days. I will update my review at that time. *I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.