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  • Henry V - Another Honest Review

    I recommend reading this carefully. The idea for this product is very good but the end result is mediocre at best. This product needs several modifications which I suggest below. And the company's videos and pictures are a bit misleading for people who wear a cast or boot. That being said, there's nothing else out there like it and I do believe it will make your life a lot easier if you're on nonweightbearing treatment.

  • drum0951 - ringo starr and his all-star band

    been a huge fan of ringo and his all-star bands. this one is the best one yet. with the lineup he has on this tour it really is one of his best yet. thanks again

  • Good Program - Good Program

    I've used Publisher for about 10 years and upgraded to 2010 from 2000. I definately recommend the upgrade to anyone using 2000. Although I've used the program for a long time it has been for the same purpose, writing a monthly newsletter that includes text and photographs and is emailed in pdf format. The improvements in Publisher make my job much easier and faster. For example, I can save my file as a pdf and Publisher compresses files as well as the Adobe Acrobat Professional program I was using for that purpose. The difference is Publisher is faster. In fact, the program seems much more responsive than 2000 for pretty much everything I do. I'm not a big fan of the "ribbon" interface but I like using one standard interface and since I have Office 2007 this program provides that continuity. In terms of function, the ribbon makes most things a little easier and a few things a little harder. That said, I have 10 years with the old interface and a few weeks with the new. I'll adjust quickly. Still the ribbon is a case of fixing something that wasn't broke rather than fixing something that is broken. I'm talking about the help feature which IMO isn't and has never been very helpful.

  • Blaine Roman - Jon Ronson is a much needed nuanced voice in the current sea of hysteria

    A great read from an always thoughtful writer, and a much needed voice in this at times unbelievable election. A must read, especially being free.

  • Amazon Customer - Very easy to use and image is real HD1080P!!

    Easy to use and a very fascinating gadget. I purchased some items before which were 1080P,but the image quality is definitely NOT! This time I looked at many different items when comparing and decided to go with this one - and I'm glad I did! Opened it up, charged it(I used it to charge my phone, it works perfectly),insert a 32G SD card,(I used a Sandic 32 C10) and a little over an hour later was testing out and pretty amazed at the results.,the image is real 1080P.