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  • Gork5000" - Book was made from wood from Pinocchios' nose. Clinton is a liar.

    The wood used to make this book came from Pinocchios' wooden nose. Clinton is the most dishonest & corrupt candidate in US history. I'm a progressive but NOTHING this wretched woman has done or will do is progressive. She's a corporate whore who has sold out to the rich & corporations. Her and her corrupt husband have amassed $300,000,000 since 2001 when they said they were "dead broke". They began selling access to the government to every psychopath in the US & the world. Their Clinton Foundation isn't a charity. It's a slush fund so corrupt people and foreign counties can give to the Clintons in exchange for her selling out our country.

  • Elementis - Not miraculous, but one of the better supplements I've tried.

    I heard about this supplement on the Alex Jones show as a UK listener. I'm sceptical of American infomercials in general (sorry, US readers -- I just find them overly enthused) but have been supplementing for years for chronic fatigue and concentration issues, so I tried out a couple of trial packs of this. I'm now ordering a canister of it.

  • Don B - Pleasantly Surprised!

    Better than expected! Advertised as refurbished yet received new in the box! Don't know what happened to some of the people that wrote reviews because if I had went by some of the negatives I wouldn't have ordered. Glad I ignored them! The seller had a note that said new but Amazon wont let me mark that way. Glad I saw the note! Thanks! Would recommend and buy from seller PRO AM GOLF again!"

  • A. D. Asher - Somewhat disappointed...

    It produced no discernible effects in two weeks of daily usage. Based on my response to other products, I would have noticed something within that time period. Everyone is different. It may work for others, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for Oily Skin

    I have extremely oily skin which makes me prone to breaking out. I started using this product about year ago and it does a great job. In the event that I do break out, this product helps expedite the recovery period. I've used the Murad line for acne skin and found this product worked better for a fraction of the price! Be sure to use white towels and cover your shirts when using this product as it will bleach your stuff! While this make sense given the ingredients in this product, it took several ruined shirts and towels before I "got" it!