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  • R. Kaiser - Good tips, but a biased perspective

    There is a lot I love about the book. However, there is more than a little leakage on his negative impression of the Church. Just a bit too much judgement for my part. Enjoyed the tips, used it, but it is now in the trash after I read it more carefully. It is too easy to judge people from centuries past with a modern liberal bias. If that were missing, it would have been perfect, but I found it irritating enough to come leave a comment.

  • Dorothy Zee - It works

    I had trouble finding this formulation of Relacore, which I prefer over the other two. With consistent use, there is a remarkable difference in inches and tone in the midsection. Less bloating, less muffin top. I will reorder this product as needed.

  • Meco - Pretty good, just need more.

    I gave this product 3 stars because although I visually was not able to see the results, my tape measure did. I used this product 3 times and lost about 3 inches in total (combined) to the areas that I applied it to, which were my waist, and thighs. It's a little messy when removing the product but goes on fairly easy. I do recommend using a wrap or something to hold the product in place once it's applied to your body as it will move out of place. Additionally I suggest you purchase more than one order as I believe this will yield better results. So my only complaints are there aren't enough in one box and it is messy to remove, other than that give it a try.

  • Kristin - For me, works just as well as 24-hr Claratin D

    I bought this on a recommendation from a friend since she's very sensitive and can't take "real" allergy meds, but has seasonal allergies. I started developing seasonal allergies the past few years, and was stuck taking Claratin D all the time--the only thing that really ever worked to stop my pesky post-nasal drip. I'm so happy I tried this, it works really well! And I'm super happy that I'm taking something natural vs. chemical.

  • Mariana Gorrin - NASAL ASPIRATOR

    This product is amazing. Very simple and easy to use. You hook one end to your vacuum clear hose (any size) and literally "vacuum" your baby's nose with the other end. It saved me lots of trips to the doctor because it prevents ear infections in babies. I highly recommend this product.

  • Jon W. Durr - Non Functional/ The Program was unable to remember previous reconciliation balances.

    I have used Quickbooks for the Mac more than 10 years. Even though the company is very unfriendly to Mac users in that they do not upgrade for the new operating systems but charge full price and require the purchase of a completely new program. This last purchase was my last. The program was unstable. It would only remember the previously reconciled balance part of the time. In trying to fix this it destroyed all the previous years of records. I will not use this product again. There is no adequate help.