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  • lon_star - 5MM jack is in the armrest storage console and it's not easy to see what's going on in there

    Unit arrived on time and works as advertised. One minor drawback - the activity light is hard to see, especially in bright sunlight. I often have to disconnect the unit from the 3.5MM jack and hold it cupped in my hands to see if I have pressed the button long enough to turn the unit on. Some of it is my car's setup - the 3.5MM jack is in the armrest storage console and it's not easy to see what's going on in there. Decent unit though and I'm glad I bought it.

  • all for books - If you want to waste some time

    What a mistake! I downloaded the bundle instead of just trying the free edition. How much is your time worth? Even though I'm retired, it's worth something to me! I spent hours trying to get this software to import my information from Turbo Tax to no avail. I just kept getting a message that it couldn't do it. I even went into last year's Turbo Tax program to download a no-frills federal tax copy and made sure it was in the right pdf. format. Still wouldn't work. Then, foolishly, I started to type in the info myself and found the program hadn't even saved my basics when I started again later. I have had no problems with other programs saving and importing basic information. I just can imagine what would happen if I tried to import my bank info or stock trades online. Of course, there's no refund on a software download (I tried anyway) so I just accepted the $20 loss. I am deleting it from my computer. Just cough up the money and get something that works! If you want to waste some time, try the free version first!

  • Ashleigh Albaugh - Best baby shampoo ever!

    By far my favorite baby shampoo and body wash. I even started using it myself! It doesn't dry me or my babies skin but also doesn't leave our skin oily. I have sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts but this does not cause any issues whatsoever. Be advised, it's not tear free, but we have not had an issue yet. I love that it's a foam - a little goes a long way.

  • Brian C. Smyth - Visual Treat

    Usually I have major problems with disaster movies because the characters and plot get lost in all the action packed special effects. Even most of the acting takes a backseat but with 2012 it's a little different. At times it can be very silly and over the top but to be honest this movie was so intense I didn't pay attention to the faults of this film. I just didn't care. 2012 honestly kept me on the edge of my seat most of the way through and let me tell you the special effects were mind blowing! Absolutely remarkable! It's worth watching just for the visuals alone, seriously. This is the real purpose of CGI. Everything nowadays is too much CGI and it's ruining films in my opinion because it's over-used in films that don't need it. For something like this that goes beyond anyone's imagination is just perfect and done correctly. Critics will find a lot of things wrong with this movie because it's not perfect, nor is any movie but this is just pure entertainment at its best. It's intense, sad, and quite sickening how selfish some people can be when the world has turned into complete chaos. Kick back and enjoy this jaw-dropping visual treat!

  • Mama5MSP - The color is adorable and the seat itself seems soft and comfy

    The color is adorable and the seat itself seems soft and comfy. Unfortunately the seat is not adjustable/reclineable while the child is in it (no ability to recline your sleeping kiddo!) which right there is enough for me- not a fan of the slumped forward child sleeping. Plus it is a real pain to take in and out of the car and horrible to tighten for proper and safe installation ( YES, even the fire station folks said this) If I could've returned it I would have...