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Mumps Home Page - Mumps is a contagious disease that is characterized by swelling of the salivary glands. Other conditions can also have similar symptoms. This eMedTV article offers information on the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of mumps.

  • Mumps Virus - As you might expect, the mumps virus is responsible for mumps. This page from the eMedTV archives explains who is most likely to be infected by it, how the virus is spread, and conditions that have symptoms similar to those seen with mumps.
  • Mumps Vaccine - The mumps vaccine is your best protection against the mumps virus. This segment of the eMedTV archives provides in-depth information on the vaccine, including who should and should not get it.
  • Mumps Symptoms - As this eMedTV article explains, of all the mumps symptoms, swelling of the salivary glands is probably the most recognizable, but it isn't necessarily the most common. Other symptoms of mumps include fever, sore throat, and chills.
  • Treatment for Mumps - As this eMedTV page explains, treating mumps involves relieving the symptoms while the body fights the virus. This article offers several suggestions for providing supportive care, such as ibuprofen and warm compresses.
  • Mumps Outbreak - A recent mumps outbreak in the United States has become a cause of concern for some people. This eMedTV resource explores this outbreak in detail, including information on possible causes and transmission methods, as well as vaccination information.
  • Mumps Prevention - The most effective way to avoid mumps is to get vaccinated. However, other techniques can be used as well. This eMedTV article provides several suggestions for mumps prevention, such as frequent hand-washing.
  • Adult Mumps - Adult mumps is caused by the mumps virus, and people usually recover without any long-term effects. This eMedTV article discusses the condition in detail, including transmission methods, symptoms, and treatment options.
  • Mumps in Children - Mumps in children is not all that different from mumps in adults. In fact, the disease is on the decline. This eMedTV article discusses how the disease in children differs from cases in adults, especially with regards to symptoms.
  • Mumps and Pregnancy - As this eMedTV article explains, pregnant women and non-pregnant women have the same symptoms of mumps, and pregnancy does not seem to affect the duration or prognosis of the disease. However, women who are pregnant should avoid the mumps vaccine.
  • Mumps Outbreak and Airplanes - No evidence supports a connection between a recent mumps outbreak and airplanes, but if you're concerned, this eMedTV article provides tips that you can use during air travel, such as washing hands frequently.
  • Diagnosing Mumps - A physical exam is just part of the process used when diagnosing mumps. This page of the eMedTV Web site explains in detail how doctors determine if a person has mumps, including tests that may be performed.
  • Mumps Transmission - Mumps transmission most often occurs through coughing and sneezing. This eMedTV article explains in detail how the virus is transmitted in this way and offers additional transmission methods, such as touching a surface infected with the virus.

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  • Camcordermachine - Honda Cross Bars, Tricky but worked out.

    Got the Cross Bars from the dealer, for about $30 more than Amazon (Had to do this because of time). So order it here. I have a 2005- EX-L. Also, was lucky to find a dealer who had this due to age of the vehicle.

  • Jamie M. Seabolt - I call it 'The Monster.'

    Well...The reason I didn't give this machine 5 stars is simply because I refuse to LOVE any piece of equipment that inflicts pain. However, I do give it 4 stars because it does what it is supposed to do---provides one heck of a workout! I named it 'The Monster' because it is quite imposing looking. People walk into the room where I have it set up and the first thing they say is, "Man! That thing is HUGE!" It was a breeze to put together according to my friend Jeff---he managed it in about 2 hours. The hardest part was moving it 20 feet across the room because the big central one-piece section weighs as much as a small elephant. I've had it a month now and am quite pleased with it. It is super quiet, and the rotational gait is smooth as butter. I like the fact that the foot platforms are adjustable. You totally FEEL the action in your butt and thighs---I was sore as Hell after the 1st 2 workouts! :) The fan on the console is a joke. Seriously?? I mean, dang! It's like they had this small space left over and as an after thought stuck in a little fan for decoration. They should have just used the spaced as a holder for a big water bottle. But overall, it's a sweet elliptical. Much better even than the ones I used at the gym. If you intend to drop a wad of cash on an elliptical and wonder if this one is worth the money----I say do it. The Sole E35 is a good machine.

  • Nina - I love how vivid the colors are

    This is so much fub!! I love how vivid the colors are. I can't wait to try out the additional seasonal slides.

  • Lomat - Comfortable but did not improve sleep quality.

    I am a long time back ache sufferer. I had hoped this would be a solution to my constant tossing and turning at night to get comfortable. Unfortunately, although initially I did find some improvement, after a couple of months I progressively saw poorer quality sleep. At this point I would honestly have to say that although the mattress is more comfortable than my old one it has not improved the quality of my sleep. Also a word of caution. This mattress is really heavy. To get the roll it ships in up stairs is a real bear for anyone who is not young and/or athletically blessed.

  • S Poelvoorde - WHAT?

    This is my wife's car. I really did a detailed due diligence on this car. She always makes the choice of which one to get. Every review was top notch.

  • Guest - Best Floss on the Market

    I have been very sad ever since J&J discontinued their woven floss. Sadness replaced with happiness when my new dentist gave me Cocofloss with my recent visit. Cleans just as well as the woven, but doesn't catch in your teeth. What a great age we live in! :-)

  • steven mendez - Other than that these are great tailights!

    So after 1 year of owning these i realized i never got the "smoked" edition. I got black/gold edition. Which dont really mine just wished i wouldve gotten wat was listed. Just make sure the tint is as dark as the picture because mine were a lot lighter. Other than that these are great tailights!