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  • Amy W - Five Stars

    everyone should know about this product - especially your OBGYN! use as directed for immediate relief and results

  • Super Mum - Good for times when you know the general location of your phone or keys.

    I am one of those people that doesn't "lose" their keys/phone but I misplace my keys/phone almost daily. You know, under the bed, in a couch cushion, left on a cabinet, in the bathroom, etc. This is a perfect device for me. I had previously purchased "finders" that chirp when you whistle or clap but those seemed to chirp every time the TV was on or someone spoke. Since this is Bluetooth, there is no issues with it going off unless the button is pressed.

  • chris bell - 2006 ram 1500

    Fits great, hides very well. Make sure your subs have small magnets or you will have a hard time with fitment.

  • crazu for lashes - RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always try the eyelash enhancers because I was not blessed with lashes...This product does not give the promised results. I have tried them all and LiLash is the one that really works AND IT LASTS FOR 6 TO 7 MONTHS...Idol Lash barely has any product inside and after 4 weeks, not dynamic results. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY...LiLash works and is a better buy when you consider the monthly cost....

  • Amazon Customer - Subpar Hi-Top

    These shoes are definitely a far cry from my older B-Ball Shoes. The sole in particular leaves a lot to be desired. I will say to the "Pro" side of things that they are nice looking shoes. No qualms about that. However, that is not on the top of my list by any means. The unfortunate "Bad"...poor traction on the court, very poor. Night and day difference from my much older and more worn Nike. Very disappointing. Second, the sole itself is not cushioned well. I'm not talking about the insole here. That can be remedied easy enough with an insert. My aging Nike's fell apart after years of hanging around. You can see why they were better for comfort as well. I cannot recommend these to anyone looking to play competitive basketball. Fortunately, I'm just a coach so a little slip sliding away is not a big deal. My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Take it for what it is worth.

  • haven2088 - This pan is good, but it would be better if it were ...

    I wanted a stainless steel baking pan so that I could avoid using an aluminum one (for health reasons). This pan is good, but it would be better if it were thicker. As it is, at 400 degrees the pan warps and any loose food can be flung about. Case in point: berries on a tarte. I've lost some blueberries off my tartes! :) Not a big problem, but I recommend a thicker pan.