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  • MIMommy - Great Supplement

    I love all the nutrients that this vitamin provides. I am not currently pregnant, but I am trying to conceive and I love that when I do get pregnant I can continue to take this supplement through my pregnancy and even when I'm breastfeeding. It is very easy to take and doesn't give me any negative side effects. I am very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this product to others. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. In no way does this discount effect my opinion of this product, my view would be the same even if I had paid full price for this item. I always give my honest opinion because I too rely on others' review to determine if I want to purchase a product. I hope my review helps you in your purchasing decisions. * This is just a notation as to how I chose how many stars I will give to a product. I do not have to give an item a positive review, in fact I am encouraged to always give my honest opinion so other customers can chose which product will best fit them. I will only give an item a five star review if I feel that it meets all of my expectations and I am completely satisfied. On that same note I will only give an item a one star review if I find it useless and it doesn't meet any of my expectations. Of course everyone has different opinions of what works best for them and not every one will have the same views that I do. If you found my review helpful please let me know by clicking the yes button. If you have any questions about this item I would be happy to answer it.

  • Cactuar Reviewer - Tasty supplements

    I have been using biotin for a while to prevent hair loss. After about three weeks I started noticing less hair on my pillow. Therefore, I am willing to continue, and I decided to change from the traditional capsules of dietary supplements. I love this "Dr. Formulas Hairomega Hair Skin and Nails Gummies - No Bears Included - Made with Sugar, not Corn Syrup". The main ingredient of this dietary supplement is the biotin which is known for its beneficial effects on reducing the frequency of hair loss. The seller also included various other supplements to support the biotin. The set contains two bottles of gummies. The first is labeled 5000 mcg Biotin gummies and the second vitamin B complex gummies. Each bottle contains 90 gummies, and the manufacturer recommends taking a couple of gummies (from each bottle with ends up to be four gummies) each morning. Eating the gummies is fun as they are delightful and you even forget that it is a dietary supplement. In addition, there is no corn syrup but real sugar to give the sweet taste of the gummies. The intake from both bottles adds up to 30 calories. The vitamin B complex gummies bottle has a complete set of vitamins and dietary supplements such as Vitamine A, C, D, E, B6 and 12, Zinc and Folic acid. Please note that the product contains tree nuts and coconut oil which may give some people allergies. The dietary supplement is manufactured in the States in an FDA approved facility. Therefore, it is supposed to be of a particular level of purity (which is the primary concern with biotin). To sum up, I am very happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend it.

  • Laura M. - Five Stars

    I love love love these shoes..I have buying this style for years. Great arch support and so comfortable!

  • Amazon Customer - GOTY

    Awesome game. Easily best FPS in the past couple of years. Single player missions are enjoyable and well crafted. Online multiplayer has expansive maps and great mechanics. Definitely recommend.

  • feeling better - loved it

    LOVE this product it does what it is suppose to, Iran out and need to reorder and will. I liked all of my It works products except the body wrap, It was an over priced facial for the skin on your tummy other than that it made no measurable difference. But I do like there supplements and other products!

  • Ron1247 - Good value if your buy this product

    The only way to renew this product. If your going to use this product this is the only way to buy. I've been happy as I've made it another yr. without problems, could have been luck. The main thing I don;t like about McAfee is the price they try to charge to renew, make sure to turn off the auto renew. I don't expect much product support from anyone so good luck there.