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  • Linda Tisdale - Truly A Life Saver!

    This book is awesome. I am currently recovering from candida & found this book incredibly helpful. The information is current, well written and easy to understand as well as being very specific to how food affects body function and performance. I have learned so much from this book that I'm currently on my second go round with it, having finished it in four days the first time. I would highly recommend this book for anyone with candida or varioos other illnesses described in the book or anyone just interestsed in the physiology of their body. Well worth the money.

  • LBGyrl - This is not Biosilk

    The product does not have the same consistency as the real Biosilk. It's very runny as if it's been diluted with baby oil which is probably why it's so inexpensive. I will not order Biosilk from this particular vendor again.

  • Grady Kuhnline - This movie was really funny, but there's no central conflict

    This movie was really funny. It's a good time but there's really no depth. There's absolutely no central conflict, everything is just a series of moments without almost no correlation to each other. The final sequence was the worst part -- overly long, absolutely no stakes and it's all over just as quickly as it began. The biggest departure from the original Ghostbusters is the lack of build. Gone is any talk of keymasters and gatekeepers. Gone is the epic boss battle with marshmallow man. In the original you're not really sure if they're going to make it out. They replaced suspense and tension with overly powerful weapons and a battle sequence that is impossible to follow. The ghosts never really posed any threat. The jokes were funny, but the special effects are a poor stand-in for real human drama.

  • Hiram A. Biff - This works and you will be happy with it

    This is a comprehensive supplement that WILL work to improve your hair, skin and nails. Many people look for secret potions and magic tricks to improve their appearance when they should realize what you eat is what you become. Same applies for health supplements.

  • Picky Girl - Seriously great vacuum - even handles construction dust!

    I find it very strange to say I love a vacuum, but I do. I purposely waited a few months to make sure it didn't break right away or have other issues before I posted my review. This vacuum is amazing. We are remodeling our house and everything gets coated with a layer of fine dust. The Shark does a great job and so far is still working great. We also did the test where we used another vacuum and then went over the same area with the Shark. It was amazing how much more this vacuum picked up! I feel like I'd been living with really dirty carpets before. It also does a great job with pet hair and switches from hardwood or tile floors to carpet and does an equally quality job on each. We have a 3 story house and are going to buy a Shark for each floor. Highly recommend.