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  • Chris M. - We will see how they do… Seems someone already returned this set

    First off it appears the set I received was previously returned, the box has a sticker that says it was repackaged by amazon and the items inside had been stuffed back into the box in a way that the items were bent and do not fit the truck the way they should and only two of them were in plastic inside the box. I am hoping the heat from the truck sitting outside in the summer sun will help relax the plastic a bit and they will fit better. When I buy something I expect it new in box, not returned and stuffed back into the box.

  • JJ21 - I love this product

    Just upgraded my program. I love it. Very easy to use and I can make all kinds of different projects with it.

  • Carlos and Lindsey - So good, you'll need to hide from the kids and yourselves - but they are sugary!

    I have a malabsorptive issue after stomach surgery and need to keep my vitamin B levels elevated to allow it to be absorbed at all times; availability essentially. It's important that I have supplementation at all times, but I've gotten so tired of sublingual tabs and pills; the gummies are a great alternative. The ingredients are gluten-free and vegetarian, which wasn't a huge concern for me, but is so important for others. The issue with that is, wouldn't most people who want gluten-free or vegetarian products be concerned about their diets and want to avoid the sugar in these gummies as well? Because, and it's a good thing for me, these are sweet; they are just like eating grocery store fruit snacks; as in, enjoyable to the effect where you NEED to KEEP these AWAY from kids because they are essentially candy. Be wary! But that's not an issue for me, I'm happy with that, but I feel like that needs to be said for anyone who has kids that could get into these if you, say, leave the child-safe lids opened.

  • D.D.M. - Woohoo.. Vegas savings

    7th edition I've bought. Love the updates of casino properties every year. Gaming tips come in handy. Most of the coupons do help. Wish there were more coupons for the Northern California tribal casinos.