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  • R A Vent - Official guide from The College Board

    This is the official study guide and it was nice to get a good price on it. I wish the guide contained three practice tests per subject rather than just one.

  • Unicorn - Wonderful cooler (for the price)

    I've recently built an AMD Athlon II 425-based computer (a certain regional electronics retailer well-known for their CPU/motherboard combos made an offer I could not refuse. What I paid for the CPU works out to less than forty dollars.) Naturally, and like most other people who choose to assemble their own PCs, I could not resist the allure of overclocking. Of course, stock cooling solutions are adequate for... well, cooling the CPU at stock settings. Since all modern CPUs have great overclocking potential but get quite hot when doing so, I wanted to upgrade my cooler.

  • Notorious Ali - Hidden Treasure, Waiting for you to show the world.

    I have had this watch for a week now and not only am I impressed but other as well. When the see a Fossil watch that is also smart they are blown away. I had before this watch the original black screen Pebble until it died :( and the upgrade to this was well worth it. I will breakdown the experience into two: Pros and Cons

  • MCfromNC - A great product that works as advertised with no side effects!

    I started using this product 2 weeks ago after a friend recommended it. I began with 1 pill per meal and wanted to quickly increase my intake to 2 pills per meal. I found with 2 pills I started experiencing headaches; but as advertised with the information that was included with the bottle, I wasn't drinking enough water. So I went back down to 1 pill per meal and gradually worked my way back up. In the 2 weeks that I've been using the product I have already lost 5 lbs (with very minimal exercise during this period). This in itself is exciting, for rarely do you find a product that advertises help in weight loss that really works. What's better than this? When they say no side effects, they really mean No Side Effects (aside from the headache due to lack of water). Other than that, I haven't experienced any other negative changes in my bodily functions. I have definitely noticed a decrease in appetite, and I'm feeling great. I definitely plan to continue to utilize this product to aid in my weight loss goals going forward. A big Thank You to NatureWise for providing a product that provides the results that it advertises!

  • Abby P. - Don't waste your money.

    I can honestly say if I could go back in time I would definitely not purchase this product again. When other reviewers say that they don't provide enough of the base coat that is a huge understatement. We only tried to cover about 4/5 of what the product claims to cover and we couldn't get nearly a thick enough base coat to adequately adhere to the chips. The finished product (even after we bought another small kit) was patchy and disappointing. We put weeks of time, and our best effort into this product and it still didn't look good. I really wish we would have saved up to buy a new counter top when we could afford it.

  • B Agee - Horrible Instructions, Good Product

    The fit was perfect. Instruction very vague but with other posts was able to figure it out. Definitely need to improve the installation instructions. Sturdy & Durable for kayaks and paddle boards.

  • Pen Name - Great bat!

    Great bat. I have really been impressed with the hitting results I have been making. I have managed to hit more homers than my normal 1 or 2 every other game. This bat has exceeded my expectation and I hope demarini puts more quality bats out this year.