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  • Cindy ONeal - Great Headset!

    I LOVE this headset! It was very easy to pair to my phone and once paired, it "just worked" great. The button worked great (one press) for answering the phone, then one more press to hang up and return to whatever I was listening to. It is very intuitive. The only thing I can see that can be improved is the battery life.

  • the writing witch - Save your money... don't eat sugar

    This book is a lot like other "diet" books out there. It's full of information, which is VERY product specific. For example, he lists 4 or 5 specific brands of wines, but does not address wine in general or by variety. If you know about wine, you know sugar varies by variety... some are sweeter than others. I don't know if he is endorsing a particular brand of cabernet savignon because it is low in sugar or because he likes that particular wine or because they paid him to endorse their product. I drink red wine on a regular basis, and would like to understand where MY favorite wine fits into his calculations. The same is true for many of his other recommendations including frozen meals, fast food and coffee. His calculations for sugar and carb consumption are given in the beginning of the book, but he gave that info. for free on the Today Show.