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  • Amazon Customer - EXCELLENT Product! I had severe hip pain to the ...

    EXCELLENT Product! I had severe hip pain to the point of limping, and, this mega dose of essential minerals cured that paid!! What my body was lacking was MINERALS! I already take high-potency vitamins and eat right. I am 56 six, so, practice mild exercise. This product is a MUST HAVE for anyone suffering body, and joint pain.

  • Brian - Microsoft made changes they thought users would like..

    Microsoft made changes they thought users would like... Turns out most users really don't appreciate the changes. The ribbon layout is a terribly inefficient use of space. It also forced users to relearn where the icons they need are located, without improving overall UI functionality or intuitiveness. Changes like removing the "save as.." button from the toolbar, and automatically adding an extra space after hitting enter, really make zero sense and show that the Word team does not know what users want or need.

  • Theresa - Great Value

    Used it first time this morning walking my dogs and really happy with the light produced. I won't waste my money on the 5 dollar wonders anymore. This thing lit up the sidewalk and the spotlight zoom is incredible. I'll see how battery life is, but right now it's a 5 star prize.

  • lulu64 - Seems Like a First Rate Product

    I have to give this 5 stars simple because of the quality and function. If my dog hadn't been spooked by it (likely due to my10 year old shooting balls at him until I found out !) Otherwise, I think it would have been a hit in our household. Balls shoot with impressive velocity and it feels like a very durable machine. Love that you can use it plugged in OR charge it to allow more flexibility. It is packaged beautifully and am so bummed my dog never warmed up to it !!

  • Kyle - Sockets Are Fine, Wrenches Are Cheap

    The sockets in this set are fine, you can't really mess those up. But the wrenches are trash - I broke the hand wrench the first time I used it, and the socket wrench feels really flimsy and won't mate with the sockets very well. Two stars for being 10 bucks and the sockets, but that's it.