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  • C. Morgan - Great Product

    After chemo I needed a gentle mouthwash, this works and does not burn your mouth. I continue to use it after 7 years.

  • Cheryl Barksdale - Provides clear thoughts and interesting takes on how the government ...

    Provides clear thoughts and interesting takes on how the government develop, implement, and test their emergency policies and procedures. Sheds light on the impact of 911 and Hurricane Katrina regarding emergency management and response; well written.

  • Marlo - BEST Cleaning Product EVER!

    This is the best stain remover and cleaner I have ever used. This is my 2nd purchase of it in the Gallon size! It gets out virtually everything! Just spray it on and soak in hot water for set-in or stubborn stains...Works Every Time! I even got out 1 year old pomogranite juice carpet stains!

  • Lydia Britton - Smells great, but is not guaranteed to solve your problem (obviously).

    It pained me a little that the cat on the jug of Urine Off looks exactly like mine (haha). I followed other user's recommendation of injecting this into my carpet padding with a turkey injector, which was a painstaking process over several days. I applied several applications of the product on many occasions and it never really deterred my cat (I probably invested about $200 total in Urine Off when all was said and done. It did make the carpet areas she was soiling smell more pleasant and feel somewhat more clean, but eventually we just ended up tearing out the carpet because even this couldn't prevent her from doing her dirty work and we are fortunate that with some new medication and other environmental changes she hasn't soiled in that area since. For those desperate for a solution, this will certainly help with the stink, but be persistent with new veterinarians until you find one who can pinpoint what is wrong. Also try a lower-sided litter box.

  • Naias - The miracle I've been looking for.

    My hair started thinning, in a triangle on the front of my scalp, in my late 20s. Hereditary hair loss, I'm pretty sure. I tried everything I could find, even extra strength Rogaine, which did nothing for me at all. Brushing & messaging my scalp more made a little bit of a difference & stopped it from getting worse, but I was still self-conscious about it my hair every time I went out.

  • Renina Varfaj - ... used the product as indicated and I had a good experience with it

    I used the product as indicated and I had a good experience with it. The odors came on fading and actually after i was done with the product, I do not have any strong odors or nothing beyond normal odors at all.

  • rotiegbe - Tasty

    Tasty, I haven't been using it long enough to gauge the effects but it does seem to give a boost of energy similar to coffee. I have enjoyed all the flavors in this box.