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  • Frank the Tank - Thanks, but NO THANKS EA.

    I was excited about this game when I recently saw it had come out. I had forgotten about this game, but I logged on to buy this game for my wife this evening...thank goodness I read the reviews posted on Amazon. The game looks like a fantastic concept and lots of fun creating our own civilization of creatures, BUT the DRM was the deal killer. I am not a fan of a company (EA) installing programs on my computer which I cannot remove and if I do finally get to do it I lose an activation and download of the game (ONLY 3). To me this is extremely messed up that those who pay for the game are the ones who get the shaft in the end. I hope EA reads these reviews and the unhappiness of those who would have bought the game and see the amount of money they have indeed lost by having the DRM as part of the game. I guarantee the amount of money lost by the honest paying individuals is far greater than any amount they would have lost to piracy. Get the DRM out and the money is yours EA.

  • Mike P - This product works great! Zero white residue

    My YMCA started cracking down on using powder chalk for weightlifting as it can get messy and all over the equipment. This product works great! Zero white residue, dries quick, and a lot cheaper than some of the other leading brands.