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  • Jakub Reczek - I don't understand magazine reviews giving this game high marks

    This game has some revolutionary concepts, such as automatically shared user content and amazing design tools (that were already introducted and perfected, and some would say superior by Galactic Civilizations 2 years ago).

  • Art Lover - Missing something

    We've already seen all the bad reviews about the poorly translated manual, but that was not my really big problem. It just wouldn't print no matter what I did. I finally figured out why! When I looked at similar type receipt printers, they had some kind of paper guide inside. This one did not - it was missing. I stuck some small post-it notes inside to make the paper fit snug and the red light on it stopped flashing. It still won't print - not that way. Too late to return it now. If they don't like the bad review they should have made sure all parts were there and that it worked in the first place.