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Medco Sports Medicine - Sports Medicine and Instruments for Athletics, Sports Fans, Schools Nurse, People of all Trade. Sports Products: Braces and Supports, Compression Shorts/Pants/Shirts, Sweat It Out® Lycra® Power™

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  • tammie 77 - I use a lot of essential oils and I think these are very nice

    I love the smell of essential oils and I have several diffusers that I use so I go through a lot of the oils I also just started making my own bath bombs and these are perfect for that also when they arrived they were packaged nicely and are in the dark brown bottles to keep pure I base the five stars on the fact that I thought the description was pretty accurate and the essential oils that I received looked exactly like the picture and I really like the way they all smelled so it's pretty easy to do the five stars when you have a good product I received the essential oils in exchange for an honest review but that did not encourage me or influence me to give them five stars I based it solely on the quality of essential oils and my personal opinion so I hope this review has helped

  • Gabriel - Love it!

    Great starting point for some transitioning from standard to modern! There are a couple good cards missing from the deck that will really make it stronger but over all, great purchase.

  • joeb - Too much wax

    The soap and wax combination did a very nice job cleaning the car, both metal and plastic parts. However if you don't wipe off the windows it left a spotty residue that I found difficult to remove. I assume it was the wax. This product didn't work for me. I'll go back to just soap with no wax, and wax it myself with a liquid spray.

  • Rose - It wont make you loose weight! It will help you balance your diet!

    Love everything about this tea, How the bag was perfectly sealed, how the tea bags are so perfectly designed, the fact that I don't need to add sugar in it, and the taste ? amazing!!!!!! ( a big thank you to the makers of this tea ) '''

  • Steve Hattan - Customer For Life

    It came in on time and packaged perfectly...probably even better had it been directly from the manufacturer. My first print job was labels, using the office max brand label. When I applied the labels to the post cards I was sending the ink smeared and I could hardly read the address. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the toner at that point. Then I printed a regular sheet of paper and there was no smudge. As it turns out, the culprit behind the smearing of the label was the label itself. When I switched to Avery Labels there was no smearing. So, needless to say, I was/am extremely happy with eh replacement toner I bought and will most likely ALWASY buy from this company. Great job LD!!!