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Health, environmental and ethical implications of eating animals - Information about the implications of consuming animals on personal health, the environment and ethics.

  • Vegan Basics - - Video overview of veganism, why it's an important topic for public awareness, and the health, ethical, environmental and human rights aspects involved.
  • The White Cow - Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa, recounts her experience visiting a slaughterhouse and one particular cow with whom she connected and will always remember
  • Inky's Great Escape, Eating Octopuses Alive, and More - - Inky the octopus made headlines for boldly escaping from an aquarium. But we use and treat these sentient animals horribly, even eating them alive.
  • Livestock and the Sixth Mass Extinction - - Dr. Pineda Ochoa discusses the destructive role of livestock in driving the planet towards the next global mass extinction.
  • Seven Ways Milk and Dairy Products Are Making You Sick - Dairy has come under fire and scrutiny from nutritional experts, scientists and physicians for its associations with a number of serious health issues.
  • Is Dairy Good for your Bones? - - Dr. Pineda Ochoa discusses bone health issues related to dairy intake, and some of the environmental and ethical implications involved in dairy production.
  • Is Fish a Health Food, or Have We Just Let It Off the Hook? - Many people consider fish to be a healthy food, but should we really be eating fish to promote health?
  • Are we omnivores, herbivores or carnivores? - - Dr. Pineda Ochoa discusses whether humans are omnivores, carnivores or herbivores.
  • Problematic Aspects of Eating Animals and My Experience at a Slaughterhouse - - Dr. Pineda Ochoa's speech at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary on May 2, 2015 in Angleton, Texas.
  • Animal Protein and Bone Health - - Clinical epidemiological studies have found a strong, positive association between animal protein intake and risk of bone fractures.
  • Vitamin B12 - Questions Answered - - Dr. Pineda Ochoa discusses current information about vitamin B12 - what it is, the causes and prevalence of deficiencies, and the best sources for it.
  • Protein Basics - There are many misconceptions about protein. This video provides the basics, including comparisons between plant and animal sources of protein.
  • Animal Protein & Cancer - This video summarizes the medical literature addressing the links between animal protein consumption and increased cancer risk.

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  • Allan LeTourneau - Improvements Needed

    I have used Back2Life for 4 or 5 years now. The concept to very good and it works much better if you take a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory about an hour or two prior to use. You can then feel the vertebrae popping in your neck. Then you know that you are getting full benefit. It is very disappointing in that they have not improved this product in recent years. I have bought these for each of my 4 children and recently I used a new one while visiting my daughter. It is still very difficult to adjust the height and the feet of the pedestal fall off while you try to adjust the height. My wife will not use it unless I adjust the height for her. As a result, she does not use it as often as she should because often it is set for my height. For all the millions of these that have been sold, you would expect them to improve the product periodically.

  • Russell S. Newquist - Worth every penny and then some.

    I've been a regular follower of Athol's blog,, for over a year. The blog is fantastic and the book is more of the same. Married men everywhere should be reading this book.

  • melissa warren - WOW!!!!! These Are Amazing

    Ok..... These things are too cool!!!! The sound is awesome.. I thought at first was hearing through my ears.. I mean anybody would assume that's how you hear, right? Well, I put the supplied earplugs in just to see what would happen.. My reasoning of course was that these headphones do not go in your ear or over your ear, they go above your ear and against your skin, so I wanted to see if I was just hearing a loud set of headphones near my ear.. Well, with my ear totally obstructed with the earplugs I could hear the music beautifully!!!! This was amazing to me.. Not only was the sound great and clear, I then realized that you can actually talk on the phone with these headphones. I was so, so happy and really impressed.. These things are awesome!!!! They are very high quality and come boxed so nicely that I didn't want to throw the box away! The instructions were included as well as a USB charging cord.. I did receive the item at a discount for my honest review and opinion.

  • little toki - Makes working out more bearable

    I hate working out but I love my yoga mat! I'm also kind of short (5'2") so the length is more than enough for me. At first I tried a cheaper, thinner mat and I may as well have been using a piece of Kleenex. I have hardwood floors and I could feel my bones grinding on the floor. Unpleasant. The 5mm feels lovely and cushy but not so much that I'm falling over. I use it for pilates so it has a good amount of stickiness for my needs but if you're doing intense, sweaty yoga, I can see how this mat could get a little slippery.

  • LlamaLlamaDuck - Callaway Consistently Delivers

    Callaway never fails to deliver a consistently good product. Be it equipment or apparel, they put attention into their design. Full-length club dividers make retrieval a breeze. The oversized rubber feet on the stand add stability (especially on smooth surfaces, like tile & hardwood floors - not all of us store clubs in gritty garages). Plenty of pocket offerings, including an internal/hidden valuables pocket. Base of the bag angled for stand use, which is far better than most of the "kick-stand" versions that employ a movable flap attached to the bottom of the bag (those wear out quicker than you'd think). Added bonus was the ball marker stencil for both a straight line and the Callaway logo.

  • Marianne K. Mertz - Switched from Norton and wish I hadn't

    I bought the 2-year agreement and wish I hadn't. I had difficulty with the installation and am still not sure everything is installed right. I know little about computers, but I know that the Norton product was easy to install, easy to understand and had the ability to choose to scan and then shut down the computer (great for at the end of the day). Bitdefender may have this, I don't know. It was easy on Norton, and if Bitdefender does have this option, I haven't found it. I switched because I felt Norton slowed down my computer. I haven't seen much difference with Bitdefender. It may do a great job of keeping my computer secure, but I have no way of knowing (or can't figure out how to tell). I would not buy it again.