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  • David Orman - Sets the standard.

    Excellent presentation of facts involving one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs to come along in decades. Dr. Klatz provides the science and data behind the claims and breaks down the biochemistry in such a manner that makes it understandable to all who read this book. If anti-aging is a part of your medical practice, this book should be on your shelf. If you are not offering anti-aging HGH therapy to your patients, you are doing them a disservice.

  • Top1105 - Removes water, calcium, lime stains. But not rust.

    It works really well on water, calcium, and lime stains. But it doesn't seem to remove rust. After scrubbing a rust spot with it, a bit of rust disappeared, but most of it remained.

  • Amazon Customer - Good item

    This is my second week using this screen replacement, and it has proven to be very good. In fact, compare to othe screens that i have purchaced this one does a very outstanding job. If you are looking for a good replacement to buy i recomend you get this one.


    I live in a house in Brooklyn, NY and I'm getting no channels! The antenna was placed in my bedroom window and I get nothing. The three channels I get don't even show me anything. This is such a disappointment.

  • G. Menzies - Didn't work, left sores on my cat

    I had high hopes for this product. But after a few weeks, it not only didn't kill the fleas, it created a ring of sores around my cat's neck. My suggestion: stay away.

  • lks99 - disappointed, frustrated, annoyed

    This pan is NOT 15" x 10" where it matters, on the baking surface. The sides have a lip and are slanted so the pan is narrower at the bottom than the top by about a half inch each way. The pan is therefore too small to fit any of my standard size silicone baking mats. And they stuck a paper label to the center of the pan with glue that was impossible to completely remove. I scratched the pan quite badly the first time I washed it trying to get the glue off. Extremely unhappy with this purchase.

  • Jessica213 - Durable enough to survive nursing school!

    I am very impressed with this backpack. It survived nursing school with me, and held up great. The straps are incredible comfortable. The price is fair too! My boyfriend is going back to school this year and we are purchasing one for him. We priced them at Dicks sporting goods and they were anywhere from $70.00 - $90.00.