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  • M. Lotto - I used to hate vacuuming until I owned this.

    I've bought three of these so far, and am planning two more as xmas gifts. I have never liked vacuuming until I owned a Hoover Linx Cordless. They change how I feel and how I thought about vacuuming. I realized that what I hate about the chore is not actually sucking up dirt and getting my floors clean, what I hate is THE CORD, and all the bending, stooping, plugging, cord management that is involved. Now, I jump at the chance to vacuum!

  • linh lien and tommy lien - This is no diff than getting a regular digital antenna...

    I'm glad they did not jiff people by only charging $20 for the antenna. I find it misleading that they advertise that they bypass cable to get basic channels when in reality you already have the free channels and any digital antenna will work. You DO NOT need a clear TV antenna to get the free 44 plus channels. Just know every location is different and your area you might need a stronger outdoor antenna. Outdoor antenna cost $60-to $100 but you can use outdoor antenna with more than one room by using a spitter. All Clear TV is an antenna. They are just better at marketing it.

  • Mom of 3 - Purchase at American

    I buy a lot from Amazon, but beware they are charging a lot more for the items. American only charges $100.

  • Scottso - Excellent quality case

    You will never go wrong with UAG products. This one is stylish, impossible to find in bricks and mortar stores but you can get it here, and for cheaper. Fits the 6S Plus like a glove and feels good to hold in the hand. Great selection of colors, including generally colors that stores don't carry.

  • Just Now - Put In The Work

    The ASVAB is not a very difficult test. If you made it through high school, you should have no problem. But, where it really counts is when you get into those higher score ranges. Some jobs require a minimum score much higher than the just passing score. That's where this guide is great. Helps you get a feel for the type of sections to expect on the test and get a little practice. Take your time, study it, and get comfortable with the material. If you find a section that you're struggling with, get some other material on it and work on it till you feel prepared. Overall, just like anything in life, if you put the time and effort in this book will be a great resource. If you skim it once and don't put much into it then you won't get much out of it.

  • Griztron - Don't Mistake Cozmo for Wall-E

    Cozmo is everything that I imagined it would be. It is a fun, little AI bot that makes you feel like your dealing with another sentient being. Whether it be recognizing you by name or pouting after losing a game, Cozmo brings a unique personality to the table. Since this product was just released the features and games are somewhat limited. I can easily envision how this might lead to sudden boredom for some people. I believe Anki will continue to build upon Cozmo's features to make it more dynamic. Cozmo is a crowd pleaser for all ages.

  • michael mccubbins - Inexpensive and very good

    Got my filter fast..fits perfect and 30.00 cheaper than the 1st one i got from somewhere else. Ill be coming back soon to get more!!!