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  • Nicole Cannon - Gaga has reinvented the wheel (again)

    Although Joanne is being somewhat poorly received, I love it. Her critics are saying it sounds disjointed, but that's assuming there is a rule dictating every song on an album must sound a certain way. With Gaga, there are no rules, and that's her point. These songs encapsulate all of the different sides of her at this point in her life, and each one has a valuable meaning and commentary behind it. I would invite skeptics to listen to a few of the more lengthy interviews she has done this past week to get a better understanding, if not appreciation, for this album. For those who don't like it - that's fine. Gaga certainly isn't pandering to the masses; she's already famous enough. Nothing will ever be "Poker Face" or "Born This Way" again, and that's how it's supposed to be. She's an artist, not a puppet - her job is to push the boundaries and institute change.

  • Furbina1 - Horrible taste!

    My son who is 14 can't stand the taste of these vitamins! We play a game every morning, where he hides them and I end up finding them somewhere in the house later that day. I wish that the taste was better!

  • Martin Romanovich - I can list SO many great reasons why this is the best vehicle I've ever ...

    I hit the RESET button and traded in my 2012 Sahara Unlimited for the 2016. I can list SO many great reasons why this is the best vehicle I've ever owned ~ in this case I'll focus on the financial side. The thing is the KING of sustaining value! My dealer was begging me for mine and gave me much more in trade than any dollar amount that various web calculators had tallied. Sure you can find cheaper vehicles. Sure you can find more luxurious (SUV) vehicles but other than the Porsche Cayenne you will NOT hold your worth the moment you drive off the lot.

  • twinsister1992 - Great Product for Curly Hair Frizziness!

    Love this stuff. Keeps my naturally curly hair frizziness down and helps second day hair look good. As a note, this product is meant to be used on second day hair not as a styling product. I've found it works better this way, but I have used it both for styling and on 2nd day hair. Also the smell is really nice and the texture keeps my hair soft and shiny.