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Suboxone (or subutex) maintenance therapy - Detoxification - Naltrexone maintenance therapy - Helping people with addictions and substance abuse - Helping people with addictions, substance abuse, chemical dependency, drug abuse, alcoholism, overeating, excessive drinking, substance misuse, overuse, and cravings.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Jordan - Waste of 30 bucks

    I did not experience any real noticeable effects from this product. I took two capsules every morning. I felt kind of short fused, or easily agrivated while taking this. Went away a few days after I stopped taking it.

  • Mr. Doug - Frick and frack watch out

    Great nut master of all time. Even bill has had his nuts cracked. Great gift for any liberal fat democrat but after the first two nuts, the fun is gone. Great at shredding parties and funerals. Would recommend at sex parties but Chelsey might show up and want a pair to go with her own. Wonder how the Chinese kept her legs together during manufacturing? Great likeness but the head needs to spin all the way around for the exorcism. If you bend it over you will find a male anatomy just like we always thought. It does not glow in the dark but looks even better. Next release will come with a double dong strap on for those hard to crack nuts.

  • Rivers - doesn't work as it should

    product isn't really usable. the bluetooth signal only works when my phone is in the same side pocket. signal reception is too weak if it is on the other side of body. when i tilt my head down, the unit ceases to work. I assume there is a loose wire or a short in the unit the prevents it from working when i tilt my head down. either way, this is a manufacturing defect. i used this for one weekend before i became too disgusted with it and put ti in a drawer.

  • Charlie E. Dillin - Tax Guide

    Provided necessary information for the 2012 tax filing season. Not as easy to work with s RIA or CCH, but passable.

  • oldehouself - The Arthritis Cure

    Didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, except that the author has his own line of products. Anyone who is already taking glucosamine & chrondroitin and leading a healthy and active lifestyle doesn't need this book.

  • Katie - I have a lot of experience training technicians to not only be great technicians in the field but to also successfully pass ...

    The PTCB exam study guide 2015-2016 by trivium is okay. While it does have resourceful information it is outdated even though it is a current edition. I'm director of pharmacy technician program at a training college. I have a lot of experience training technicians to not only be great technicians in the field but to also successfully pass the Pharmacy technician certification exam.

  • Cody - Make sure you install it properly!

    When I first snapped mine in, it was fairly loose. I thought something was wrong. I soon figured out you really need to hammer the tabs to fan them out inside the body. Not many people explain this well and some never figure it out. The instructions just show some vague arrows. I took a large phillips screwdriver and gently hammered the tabs outward, using a rag to not mar the plastic. It can take some force, and you might feel like you will break something. I recommend starting with the top two tabs. Once the tabs are splayed past the edge of the sheet metal, this thing is very snug.