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  • M237 - The only good thing about this conditioner is the smell :(

    This smells delicious, and I admit that's why I bought it in the first place. Unfortunately it doesn't really seem to condition at all and just sort of coats the top layer of my hair. It definitely doesn't help with tangles - if anything, it makes them worse.

  • Ali2lane - Skip the expensive whitening treatments!!

    Save your money on an expensive dental whitening treatment -these work fabulously!!! I use them every 8-10 months and my teeth are a very bright white. I do have a bit of sensitivity to these, my teeth will hurt for a few days towards the end of the treatment, but it is a mild sensation that is not too noticeable. When I first used them, I noticed a difference on the second day. I was shocked at the improvement it made after just one week. Now, I use these regularly to maintain white teeth.

  • Luis Martorell - One of the best filters you can buy at a good price

    What can I say. One of the best filters you can buy at a good price. If your car or truck are important to you don't skimp on the oil filter.

  • Jimmy - Very easy to fly

    Very easy to fly, just get out and fly it. I have no problem flying it outside, be careful if it is windy. I did not get the camera but my next one I will.

  • M. Hawkins - Works as advertised

    I have had no issues with this product whatsoever. I followed the instructions to the letter, and I don't feel jittery or anything. I always make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and remember that this product is not meant to allow one to just eat as much as they want, but to help burn extra calories. I have lost 20 pounds so far just using this and cutting back my portions at the dinner table. I am sure that not everyone will have the same results, or may feel a little jittery, so take it as you will. It seems that if you follow the instructions, and start out with low doses, things work pretty well.

  • Amazon Customer - Great help!

    It's just what I was looking for, and even though I haven't had it long enough, I can tell it is the right cream. I like it and it does a good job,thank you.

  • EVELYNE ECHT - Great Stories!

    The stories were varied. We were able to lead many interesting discussions on each story. The forward was well written and encouraged many aspects for our discussions.