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  • Francisco Peralta - This is wonderful for so many uses

    This is wonderful for so many uses, for me particularly I got it for my wife who is expecting. We wanted to use it to help protect against stretch marks. This stuff works well, we are not sure yet since the pregnancy is not over but so far we have not seen any appearing. This is always very good for any other type of skin scaring, like if you were cut from surgery or an accident. Also for burns, from anything like the stove , etc. etc. This is just a very handy thing to have around, on top of all that it is FOXBRIM which is a solid brand and I have several of their other products so I feel comfortable using this for me and my wife. I would highly recommend this not only for just women who are soon to be mothers expecting a little one. Also I recommend this for anyone because we all have times when we cut ourselves or find a scar that we wish would diminish or that we would just like to prevent. Great Product. Disclaimer, I purchased this scar cream with a promotional voucher for a fair and unbiased opinion. Everything expressed in this review is based off my experience using the product.

  • Southernbabe - Panda Ripoff

    I love the House of Fun slots, but NOT the Panda slots. I just got the bonus, and it retriggered up to 95 games, and it DID NOT PAY ONE COIN!!!! That really sucks. You need to fix this problem NOW. If I could delete it and keep the other slots, I would. I noticed you took down the Seven slots(my favorite), so what's up with that???? Take down the dang Panda or fix the problem

  • Lyn Z. Page - It's OK

    Since I installed my Windows 7, I have had two malwares contaminate my system under the Avast umbrella. One, I can't get rid of, in spite of the instructions from them I followed. is still commandeering. I did find a work-around, but I am a little disappointed that their instructions didn't work. I hope to resolve it soon so that I don't have that issue again. I do realize that not ALL things may be caught ALL the time, but this was the second time something happened within four months, so I am wondering whether I have made the right decision to buy this product. Thanks for asking. Regards, Lyn