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  • Sara - It works very well

    I was skeptical that a supplement would help my thinning hair but I have been using these for 8 months and my thinning areas are almost as filled in as my normal thicker areas of hair on my head. Overall my hair is thicker too. I've not noticed any thickening of hair anywhere else so no bad side effects. I've not been able to let my hair grow beyond a short style for years but now I'm letting it grow and it looks healthy.

  • Paulieo - Works great on carpets

    Works great on carpets, too. Just remove the bottom dust tray and run the brush to fluff up the carpet. 212 degree steam KILLS dust mites, bed bugs, or any other microbial menace hiding in your carpets/fabric.

  • DL Riley - Awful

    The stories presented here are insulting to children's intelligence. Art is either MSpaint or clip art from Google images. 0/10

  • Marie - A MUST HAVE OIL !!!

    I really love my Frankincense essential oil and this brand is no exception. I use it in my skin care products and I feel it gives the extra benefit that I am looking for. While I am not an expert on oils I have been using them for several years and have tried several brands. This brand seemed strong and pure. I also use this oil in my diffuser at home and at the office. My family and my coworkers really like the aroma. They really aren't aware of all of the health benefits but I know that I am helping to take good care of the people that are important to me. It does seem to lift my spirits and the spirit of those around me. I believe it brings out positivity in my home and office which is a huge bonus for me. I am all for reducing stress in all areas of my life and this certainly seems to help. I love that this is one hundred percent pure and natural. This comes in a large four ounce glass amber bottle with a glass dropper. I would definitely recommend this company and this oil to others. It would make a wonderful gift. I received this Majestic Pure Frankincense Essential Oil at a promotional price. This review is my one hundred percent honest and unbiased opinion.

  • fishhead - So many great choices!

    First of all I love the ease of use!! Easy to set up the cards and enter all of my info and choices. My favorite thing to do is to make cards. I love being able to use my photographs to make the cards personal!!! My friends and family are Amazed how professional the cards look!! The calendar is very handy. By reminders for birthdays and special events well before hand, I am then able to use the program to make cards! Love that! I am amazed at all of the choices for designs!!! Very creative! I like that I can mix and match cards with my own words, fonts and sizes. I have recommended the program to friends!!

  • Shaun Noble - 2011 Tachyon XC Micro Helmet Camera

    I've had a couple of requests to review this camera but i've held off as i want to give it a few months of use before doing so. After being involved in a RTA hit and run on my scooter , were a car driver sandwiched me into the side of another car and cleared off leaving me in the road with a broken leg i decided it would be a good idea to film my rides just incase lightening struck twice ! The criteria i set out was it had to be rugged , waterproof ( for the good British summer weather ) and record for a good lenght of time. Picture quality had to be good but didn't need to be HD and sound wasn't to important as who wants to listen to aload of wind whistle anyway.I'm happy to say this little camera has lived up to what it said on the box. I use a 16gb 10 speed card which means no download stutter , the files are recorded in 1-2gb files there by if the batteries fail the whole recording isn't lost. The instruction say use Enegizer batteries which can work out expensive i use Enegizer rechargables ( it does say not to use rechargable batties in the instructions but i've not had any problems ) all in all this is a great helmet camera and a few of my friends are looking into these as they are great value for money.

  • Greg - A car for the technology era.

    Finally, a car for the modern technology era. A car that you charge like your mobile phone, gets updates like your mobile phone, and is built by a cutting-edge Silicon Valley tech company. The old-school car companies cannot compete with this. Teslas are the start of the future of automobiles.