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  • LOne traveller - Great product which works out of the box!!

    Thera breath is the most wonderful mouthwash(not the normal alcoholic one) i have ever used in my life. Like other mouthwashes it doesnt contain alcohol, so no more burning sensation in the mouth. It tastes more or less like water with a mild mint flavor. People complained they lose taste after using this mouthwash. But i have no issues so far. It works like a charm and stops your bad breath forever by not masking the bad breath, rather reduces the sulphur components by its oxygenating formula. I dont know how it stops bad breath instantly. Thanks to the oxygenation process rather than the masking of bad breath. Only a small amount of therabreath is needed for a single rinse, so the two bottles will last more than 2 months atleast for me as i use it only once a day. I think a single dose of rinse per day is enough for average bad breathers (like me!). All i can say is that its a most value for money product. Thank you Thera Breath.

  • Stefanie - More fun and more affordable than private lessons.

    My bass has been sitting neglected in the basement for the past 6 mo. I have no rhythm and can't pick up songs by ear. This helps me visually learn the notes and timing for songs. The songs included are OK, there were several that I liked, but I found many more in downloadable content. It seems that the majority of the songs available are from the 60s-90s.... not as many very recent songs (though there are some). For a "grown up" the song selection is fine.... but I wonder if the "kids" would be into it.

  • S. Hawkins - Great tea! Good value too for six boxes.

    I felt the effects from this tea the first day I started. I noticed I had more energy, I felt more productive and I wasn't as hungry. I didn't even think at the time about the fact I had had a cup of this tea in the morning. It wasn't until about 2 days later when I realized that all the energy and less hunger that it was probably the results this tea.

  • A_Plain_Janeite - It Truly Is An "Amazing" Oil!!

    If you don't know the benefits (and let me tell you, they are MANY) for this wonderful seed/oil, please look it up!

  • George I. Roberts - Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set

    Don't let the brand name fool you. This is a really cheap set of knives and I am shocked that Henckels would even put their name on it. The blades are thin and the handles are poor as well. Seems like the kind of knives you'd buy in a pinch at the supermarket. It may seem like a great deal, but it really isn't when you have to trash it and buy a better set.