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  • Joann Cavey - I'm really sold on Boots No 7 products. I'm ...

    I'm really sold on Boots No 7 products. I'm now using the whole regiment of this product. I'm seen

  • Tristan Stolz - Solved my uti problems

    My doctor recommended a more concentrated cranberry pill for my constant utis/kidney infections. since I have put these into my daily regimen I haven't had any problem or even a burning at all. From what I'm hearing cranberry pills are the first step to solving your uti problems. I will never go off of these. Just make sure you are drinking enough water with them.

  • K. Dawn - Great!

    Awesome product, a little goes a long way. It smells great, feels silky and does your hair wonders with a heat.

  • Booklover - Extraordinary In Every Way - Loved It

    Extraordinary series. David E. Kelley has done it again!! Billy Bob Thornton was amazing and so perfect for the lead part. His timing, his movements, his speaking just brought out all the emotions and expertise of his character. He made the series everything it should be. All the other actors/actresses were also so true to their character bringing out the best possible acting making you feel that you were a part of the whole story. Sad to see it end and hope there will be more just like it. This is by far the best series I have seen this year. If it were possible, I would give it a 10++.

  • Meijer Bjorn - Fun for making unique crafts and more!

    I purchased a long time ago the very first craft cutter that Silhouette came out with. I loved that craft cutter for a long time, but it only cut paper and I ended up using it less and less until I gifted it to a friend who was just starting out with paper crafts. Since that time Silhouette has come a LONG way! I could cut whatever I wanted with the CAMEO3 -- I cut paper, vinyl, card stock, fabric, burlap, leather, and these mystery rubber like stuff I found in the garage (just to see if I could). It cut everything I gave to it and it cut it well! I now have cute paper for cards, fun vinyl stickers on my walls and have made gifts for multiple people. This is amazing.

  • Karen Kincaid - Surprise!

    I understand this product is marketed for face acne....however, some of us, especially those of us who wear blue jeans every single day in the winter, sometimes experience acne, well, on the buttox! So I gave it a try, just had a few bumps, and two days later, GONE! Oh, and it works on the face too! I would definitely recommend this product. When you first apply, you feel the coolness of the tea tree oil, but that quickly dissipates, so no worries! I am definitely keeping a few extras around in the event the product becomes unavailable.